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  • Alpina King Carapax gnar helmet…anyone?
  • Premier Icon cjr61

    Seen this Enduro helmet with removable chin guard on the German bike sites. Anyone know of these and have any reviews? Looks good value.



    Premier Icon cjr61

    Never mind. Just done some google translate magic on some German reviews and I rather like my face and teeth as they are. You get what you pay for evidentially!

    Carry on.

    Was about to say – looks like a cheap piece of tat

    Premier Icon jkomo

    I’ve seen the Giro one for not much more.
    The switchblade.
    Edit- I’m sure I’d seen it for £150, can’t find it now.
    CRC have the parachute for £100

    Premier Icon cjr61

    Thanks guys. I like the idea of removable chin guard for a one helmet to do everything.

    Anything else worth looking out for? Bell Super 3R?


    I’ve got the bell. Can’t give an opinion really as it’s still in the box after 6 months. I will get round to using it but all the reviews I saw rated it and it does look a quality bit of kit.

    Premier Icon pedlad

    For balance I’ve had one for a while and its been fine.

    Depends what you want – a bit more protection than a normal helmet or a proper full face as it’s definitely the former. I figured it’s German and therefore must give some certificated protection level.

    Only used it once in the alps and a couple of BPW trips although I might take the chin guard off now to replace my day to day helmet and go proper full face if I make it to the alps this year. I did pack it out with some spare pads round where my jawbone hinges to make for a better fit. Had one spill at BPW and it saved me some cheek/chin impact although that was a glancing blow off the Pork belly rocks rather than a straight on impact.

    Premier Icon cjr61

    Fd3chris – if it’s large and you want to sell then let me know

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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