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  • scruff

    Its all in French on the PDF invoice, any idea which number is Le delivery tracking code?

    I’ve tried these and they dont work


    Référence commande :

    Référence client :


    Thats cos it means in order

    invoice number
    order reference
    client reference


    If you log in to the ‘My Account’ section (you can change the language to English)on the website you can do it all in a few clicks


    I have looked in the My Account bit, on the Chronopost page I need to enter a parcel number but cant work out what this is.

    If i click on International it says

    Korea/Seoul : Nuclear Security Summit
    Delays expected between the 21st and 28th of March due to the upcoming Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul. 😯


    On the “My Account > My Orders” page, there should be a column for “Tracking” with a link in it – clicking on this opens the chronopost page (parcel number is in the URL)

    If it says “Not available” then they’ve used some other delivery method I think.


    Don’t panic!

    You should have an email – with the box “Suivre mon colis” which is a hyper link to the chronopost website.

    Until yesterday morning it took you straight to your tracking details but since about 11am it initally takes you to your details but then flips to the standard page “Envoi st suivi de colis. blah blah blah” showing you bugger all.

    What you need to do is copy the long winded address before it flips to


    it will be something like this:


    The “HJ317015123XF” is your tracking number for the parcel. I just pray for your sakes that there is nothing that the french think is wrong with the address or you will have to wait (9 days so far) for the french post office to get back to you with what they think is wrong with the address… in my case I’m hoping it’s just the lack of a postcode.


    Brilliant, thank you.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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