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    Hi all

    I need a new wheel for the back of my morning glory (I have a hope XC on a 729 at the moment and its a bit heavy!) and am considering an Alfine rear hub set up. just have a few questions if anyone can help – I’ve used the search function but it doesn’t appear to have the answers I need.

    Firstly – cost. Obviously not including the rim and build labour, how much am I looking at for the shifter and hub and any other stuff I might need? Its all X9 back there at the moment but to be honest it could all do with replacing so I’m not too bothered about replacing the lot.

    Weight – is there a noticeable difference between a conventional setup and an Alfine one? I don’t mind the weight being at the back as I like wheelies anyway, I just don’t want a massive increase over what I already have

    Spacing – Will I have to do anything fancy with the spacing and I’m assuming I’d have to run a singulator or something similar?

    Durability – is the Alfine up to much and sh1t being thrown at it bearing in mind its intended application?

    Cheers for any help

    perhaps the ultimate Flanual bike?

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    I see what you did there MrMichaelKnight


    alfine is about 2kg for the hub? yours is maybe 500g? so fair bit heavier. You could get a lighter rim as 729 is 700g? but youll only save maybe 300g at most and be down to a X717 xc rim.

    i have a picture of a flanual somewhere……

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    Cost – don’t know sorry, mine came on the bike
    Weight – your back wheel will definitely be heavier! By all accounts the Alfine =1.6kg, and it replaces cassette, rear hub, both front and back deraileurs, a couple of chainrings and front shifter and cables.
    Spacing – don’t think you’ll need to do anything different
    Durability – fine I believe (rode mine only about a dozen times, the bloke in the lbs has been running his for over a year for commuting and MTB duties and reckons it’s still going well)

    Sorry if that’s not much use……

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    Nice one Stato – cheers

    Which one MrMichaelKnight?


    RIP MK Street :O(

    many in fact, looking through my old MK street pics 😀

    man were we RAD

    it’s a race you ****


    Cost – £200 – £300ish – though more if you need a new rim and paying for the wheel build

    Weight – Yes, the alfine’s heavy – you’ll be adding anything up to 1kg depending on what you currently have

    Spacing – Normal 135mm mtb spacing. You’ll need a tensioner if your frame’s not designed for SS

    Durability – I’ve asked this a few times – the answer so far seems to be yes, it’s lasting pretty well even when used for mtbing

    Check out the internal gears forum on

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    Righty – doesn’t sound too bad. Cheers for the link to MTBR – I’ll have a look.

    That was the only ‘trick’ I could do Mike. I take it no one still rides it? Pity, I quite miss the marble


    Check superstar out… alfine hub, built into rear wheel for £200 irrc

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    + £29 for the shifter and other gubbins

    still not bad.

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