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  • Alfine 8 versa 8 shifter fuddle
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    Maybe worth flushing the shifter with WD40 or such like?


    Quick coffee for the grey matter and ive solved it.

    How i had it working for 2.5k miles is beyond me….. Seems a ferrule passes straight through the cable stop and you need a barrel adjuster in there to provide a stop

    The rotating ratchet was rubbing on my new ferule. Obviously alfine started playing up and sticking when the original ferule sliped through throwing the jndexing to poo and making shifter sticky

    Job jobbed.


    Alfine started playing up the othe week after 2500km of winter

    So i am giving the bike an overhaul.

    Ive stripped the hub and given it a bath and regrease

    Ive swapped inner and outer for some slick sp41 and sealed shimano caps

    I have all the gears indexing nicely except for it wont release tension from the top gear unless i pull the brake and prod it with a screwdriver at which point it snaps into the next gear.

    All is clean and lubed zero kinks and indexing sweetly in all other gears .. Its as if the spring is worn. .

    Anyone had an resolved this ??

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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