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    My first and only full sus was coil front and rear. It had 6 inches of commencal contact system suspension, which I really liked. That bike is now gone and i’m onto my second ever FS bike. This time FSR (Stumpy Evo) with Floats up front and Fox RP23-S out back.

    I like things simple and my previous suspension was perfect for me. Just hop on and ride with only rebound to worry about. I’ve had air forks and could never get them to fell how i expected them to, so was wondering is there any hints/tricks to getting air shocks/forks set up. I’m around 15st in kit and don’t hang about on the way down and happy to have a downhill bias to the setup.


    Rough guide. Your weight in lbs in psi on the rear and your weight in kgs in for fork in psi is a good starting point.
    RP23 set the rebound as you feel you like. Pro pedal lever 3 for climbing 1 or 0 for decending.


    For Floats put in a round 10psi less than recommended
    I run mine at 75 and I’m 16 stone giving me around 15-20% sag.
    Rebound fairly fast at 7 clicks in
    low speed compression 8 clicks in (holds up the front nicely in turns etc)
    high speed compression 0-3 clicks in depedning on terrain and XC to DH

    Rear cant advise apart from slower rebound than front as now running a ccdb air with infinate adjustments


    Sag – for you with a preference for DHilling, go for 33%, it’ll be like riding on a magic-carpet. 8)

    Van Halen

    Same as before set sag and rebound and go. Twiddle with compression if you blow through travel or its divey.

    It is different and won’t feel as nice in the car park.

    I find putting fork oil on the sliders occasionally helps forks stay feeling supple.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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