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    Just found this – you can feed it some initial words and it writes the rest for you.

    I started with “The mountain biking community” and got:

    The mountain biking community has been left high and dry by the state’s budget cutbacks, but a recent study reveals that the sport is a financial lifeline for some local municipalities.

    According to a report from the National Conference of State Legislatures, Idaho is one of just 10 states that doesn’t provide a tax exemption for mountain biking. The report also found that the state had the second highest number of annual mountain bike riders in the country at a measly 1,000. The report also pointed to the fact that Idahoans spend an average of $1,600 each year on mountain biking.

    Bikers are also a popular crowd for the local restaurants and liquor stores, which have been flooded with orders for ice cream and beer, said Boise native Greg Knecht, a volunteer with the Boise Bike Club and president of the Bicycling Convention and Visitors Bureau.

    “We have had mountain biking events for years, but the numbers were not huge in Boise

    Have fun…

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    I started with “my wife and her family” :

    My wife and her family  were in the room with us and we are still shaking. We could not even sit still to watch the last two minutes! Our son (who just recently turned two and was supposed to be staying at home) has been so worried, and we could not keep him quiet. I am trying to find words to tell you how I feel and if I can even be of help. I am not just speaking for my family. Everyone is upset.

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    The tories are desperate to stop the debate about the NHS being derailed by the EU referendum. They have tried everything to stop this debate coming about.

    The health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, tried to ban all NHS research into the benefits of single-payer. They blocked it by making sure to exclude any research which suggested single-payer wasn’t a good option. They have also tried to stop NHS trusts, which are accountable for NHS services, discussing the issue with the public.

    They have attempted to block the publication of the House of Commons library research into the NHS being the best health service in the world. They’ve also attempted to ban the Nuffield Trust health think-tank from using the NHS to discuss how to improve health in the UK. They’ve also attempted to have its researchers punished by not

    Almost makes sense but not quite

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    Have derailleurs had their day? We should know more about that. But right now the truth is we know a lot less than we could because of that lack of information. We still don’t know if Shimano has improved the derailleur or not. Shimano just said in 2011 that they were “looking into” a derailleur that would “work with the brakes in conjunction with the shifting to help deliver an optimal and reliable cycling experience”.
    The last thing we’ve heard about is Shimano making a more compact derailleur. The original derailleur from Shimano has a chainline which is almost exactly the same as a derailleur made by derailleur company Shimano. I guess they want us to use them the same way.

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    Mine was okay but can’t be bothered to clean it up for the swear filter.

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    what would singletrack do? It’d do a lot to show how different the two types of bikes can be, not only in the performance they provide, but how they are very different in terms of what they look like and how they are built.

    What about the differences in handling? Are they the same? The answer is yes, but the difference is not as big as you might think.

    The bike is pretty much a carbon fiber monocoque; this is the same as any carbon fiber monocoque, the only difference is the materials used. The frame is also very rigid, the only thing that flexes is the seatstay mounts (not shown in the photos)

    and the bottom bracket.

    It feels like a much more efficient road bike with a much more relaxed riding position than a rigid road

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    Or – (slightly edited to remove a duff paragraph)…

    what would singletrack do?

    This is the second year we have asked the same question, and this year we are answering it. The goal was to come up with a good example of what singletrack can do. Our first answer, a trail off the coast of Maine, was a lot less ambitious.

    The goal in 2016 is to ask and answer one simple question: how does singletrack work

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    Is Chewkw a bot?

    There are many different ways to look at the content on Chewkw. While it may appear to be just a simple social networking account, its very complex nature means that it is not, in fact, a bot.

    In fact, Chewkw is made up of a set of scripts, known as ‘bots’, that perform actions based on user input. As the user interacts with Chewkw, the bots will make various decisions based on the information given by the user.

    The bots in Chewkw are built using a wide variety of different programming languages. For example, Chewkw has a script written in Javascript called ‘Soup4J’. Its main purpose is to allow the user to input a string, such as the name of a restaurant, and

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    I know it’s because I overindulged on garlic bread at my sister’s yesterday but thought I’d ask anyway.

    My farts smell so rank because I’m not a smoker. My farts smell so bad because I’m on anti-diarrhea drugs. I feel like I’m farting out of my skin, even when I’m not. It’s like my skin just crapped out.

    I’m a little paranoid because I don’t think I’m going to actually get rid of it. I just feel like I’m going to feel like shit. I get this weird feeling like the bacteria is in my system all the time and I’m just not aware of it.

    I think my mind is making me feel like this, but I don’t know what the **** I’m feeling because I’m in such an overwhelming fog right now.

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    My creaking bottom bracket and I were both just too tired to do any riding or pushing the pedals at all.

    But I had a good run. So good, I even ended up in some traffic on the way home and was able to get home to finish the whole thing with a time of 7 minutes.

    Click to expand…

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    How do you know someone’s a vegan?

    There’s no reason to look for it. It’s something you are born with, whether you choose to identify as one or not. Most of the people I know who consider themselves to be vegans are those who choose to be so.

    What about vegetarians?

    Vegetarians eat meat or fish as part of their diet, but don’t consume any animal products or eggs. They would consider themselves to be a non-vegetarian.

    What’s your take on veganism?

    I think it’s a very healthy diet and helps to reduce the risk of many diseases, but it’s not necessarily for everyone. Veganism is a lifestyle choice, not a disease.

    What do you want to be when you grow up?

    I’d like

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