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  • After getting a soaking tonight….
  • bikeneil

    Subscribed. I need one too.


    please recommend me a really good waterproof riding jacket!

    Thank you!

    Was at go the other week and came across this:

    Not cycling specific but fit is excellent, packs down quite small but still feels pretty durable, material has a slight stretch to it which I really like, the arms are also a bit longer which works well on the bike.
    But of a drop on the rear, BIG underarm vents and most important very very water proof.
    It has got a hood but I like that anyhow.

    Got mine cheaper than advertised also, all in I’m really happy with it.


    Depends on your needs…
    How far do you ride? If its a short distance just get a simple race cape, bit longer something with vents so you don’t boil.
    Carrying a rucsac/ courier bag? You’ll wear through the shoulders in less than a year. So buy something relatively cheap and replace it regularly.
    Want lots of reflectives? Altura and Mavic do good hivi jackets.
    You do have mudguards don’t you?


    Paramo Cuzco.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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