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  • Afan – has it got easier ?
  • tobyho

    Just back from a weekend in Port Talbot. Riding at Brechfa, Afan and Cwmcarn.

    We did the W2 on Saturday and I am sure it has been ‘ironed’ out a bit. There used to be a mad rocky slab thing in the final descent on the Wall – it appears to have gone. It all seemed ‘easier’ than before. Is it easier ? Or is my new Conti Baron tyre really that good ?

    (we rode all the sections – even the closed ones. We followed some locals down – everyone was at it)…


    The slab is still there but there is a pussy route around it, you have to look up in advance to see it. Afan is wearing out and as acosequence I think it is easier.

    Carpe diem

    It’s getting harder not easier. 2 weeks ago I was belting down the open section of Zig Zags ( wall descent ) and moments later I was still belting along, only i was airborne and the bike was a bout .9 of a second behind me. Not good.

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    I think the lower part of Energy is getting harder as it gets more worn.


    Afan was a bit sad last time i went (er last autumn i think).. some problems are down to lack of maintenance and some, especially climbs, is deliberately made easier. this annoyed me ‘cos one was a loose rocky bit i was good at, and my mate similarly lost the rock step up he was good at.. rock gone. Why?! 😥 😉

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    Simple straight answer – yes

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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