Advice on a good sit-stand desk

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  • Advice on a good sit-stand desk
  • Premier Icon rone

    I want try a good sit-stand desk. Preferably motorised. About 180×80.

    Decent quality. I would rather not spend a week building it either.

    Cable management would be good.

    Preferably not IKEA junk, although that is the lazy option if anyone wants to convince me..


    I’ve got one from these guys through work, they installed it, not crap though but works well.

    before ruling our ikea, have a look at the bekant sit/stand desk.

    It’s decent quality, will lift up to 70kg and is backed by a 10y guarantee.

    I’ve had mine about 5+ years.

    If the tops don’t tickle your fancy, make one.


    I looked at the ikea desk and its seemd pretty solid, as most of it is if you actually put it together properly!

    Premier Icon simon_g

    I’ve had the Ikea motorised one since they were available. Had a power supply die (early batch was dodgy), replaced under warranty with no fuss. No other issues, very solid.

    Only thing I’d like that fancier ones have is presets – ikea one just has up/down buttons so hard to get spot on each time.

    Premier Icon rone

    the bekant sit/stand desk.

    I did see that and fancied the design but a few reviews seem to imply their motors are not great and you could do much better quality for the money.

    Which has always been my problem with IKEA stuff.

    Premier Icon leffeboy

    Got 5 of the IKEA desks at work.  Couldn’t find anything close on price and they seem to still work a couple of years later

    More expensive options are available….

    oops sorry, forgot to say that a friend in another org has one and the psu died.  Replaced under warrant no problems

    Cheap Ikea one here, didn’t even bother with the motor, takes 15 seconds winding with handle to raise or lower.

    Typically spend half a day up, half down.

    Other than aesthetics or size I wouldn’t look elsewhere.

    Premier Icon rone

    Okay some useful stuff thanks

    I tested the ikea one today (there’s a newer model) I just begrudge giving my money to over-priced chinese tat you have to build yourself after navigating a stressful legoland warehouse. Awful place.

    But I might have to get over myself.

    That model.

    Premier Icon ahsat

    Check out and maybe give them a call.

    They have provided me with desks both at home and work and they haven’t missed a beat. You can spec the size, style and finish of the top, with which ever frame you want. Not stupid money (though more than the Ikea).

    Order online and deliver for Ikea if you know what you want. Can be a very effective use of £25
    I also ordered draws and cupboard. Good enough quality for home office.

    I made a riser for my monitor using a matching shelf and some feet from their kitchen dept.

    Premier Icon orangespyderman

    I have a Steelcase desk at work that’s very good. I suspect that it’s eye-wateringly expensive, and a quick glance at their site doesn’t seem to include pricing, so I suspect that I’m right.


    My work one was around £600, and actually cheaper than the standard work stations (bespoke crap).

    Will have a look if I can see the make. Electric up/down, but I usually have it about 4 inches higher than ‘normal’ so I doun’t slouch (broke my spine 3 years ago).

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