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  • advice for mabie kirroughtree and Dalbeattie
  • Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Not being rude – how good are you?

    From memory shouldn’t be an issue but depends how they are in rocks. There is mud and stuff about normally. Personally would prefer something bigger (ardent/minion) but thats me.


    tread wise on the red routes the RR’s I should think will be fine. I’ve had Michelin Dry2’s round dalbeattie and kirroughtree red/black in the wet. Not perfect tyre in the wet but they’ll do it

    tbh Id think the bigger issue with the RR’s would be whether the skakeskin model or not. Same issue applies for the NN’s. From experience non snakeskin Schwalbes don’t get on well with rocks, and I can’t see tubeless fixing some of the bigger splits/gashes

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    nowt wrong with a minion especially if you don’t want to be changing them all day…


    Hi Will be going to above trails (red routes) .-mainly mabie- last week of May taking my giant anthem 29er. Have fairly new racing ralph tubeless tyres on. Do you reckon they will be ok by then or should I get some nobby nics. Appreciate means weather guessing but believe most of the tracks are ‘all weather’?

    Premier Icon ampthill

    I think I had Bontrager older summer tyres on. legendhas it that tyres offer no traction on anything. Amazingly I was fine. Trails centres seem fairly tolerant of a range of tyres.

    oh wait yur on a 29er. I guarantee huge traction on all surfaces 😉


    Just ride your bike. Wonderfully maintained trails any tyre which isnt super specific. I.e muds will be fine.

    Ive done it on ralphs before.


    You’ll be fine with pretty much any mtb tyre I would say.

    Premier Icon rickon

    They’ll probably be totally fine, Schwalbe tyres do very poorly on wet slate rock. But Mabie, Kirroughtree and Dalbeattie all have grippy rock.

    Take some spare tubes, and run your pressures a little bit higher to deal with any chance of denting your rims on rock. I mean like 5psi higher, just make sure they’re not too soft.


    Dalbeattie will be the worse for the rocks, mabie will be fine.

    Not really any issues with mud.

    You should try Ae, it’s the best of the lot…………

    Premier Icon Trekster

    As per Steve and rickon, for Dalbeattie pump them up a bit to protect rims and stop the tyre burping and coming off the rim!
    Mabie will rip the sidewall out of any light weight, soft side walled tyre…got 2 to prove it!! Damn expensive chain stay protector 🙄
    Kirry also has a few sharp edged pullers to catch you out.
    I use the same tyres all year round regardless of make, have done for 20odd yrs.Don’t understand all this swapping for different conditions?
    The only blue worth doing is at Ae for the new descent, Colin’s Folly 😆


    Never used those tyres but if you visit Kirra then do the red & black. The blacks just a longer red but with the best bits 🙂

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