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  • So I was determined to learn how to jump off and drop stuff at stile cop. I set myself some smal goals and had a bash…

    Started off in these doubles (bottled the last one there is about a 10 foot gap)


    Then hit the last 2 drops at the bottom of the hill.


    Not uploading them to youtube, that is far too public. This was my first attempt at anything like this.

    Good work – I think jumping one after another like that is much tricker than just doing a one off jump and you made the first two look easy.


    That place looks fun! Stile Cop?

    Thanks, Felt like I needed to post this to prove there is even hope for past it 32 year olds 😉

    landing on the second of the kickers in the first video is proper sketchy… felt like i was going to die, doesn’t look that scary at all in videos.

    I have dropped/jumped off lips and stuff before just never tried any purpose built features as such and nothing this big.

    Yep stile cop.

    Sadly I acquired no Bow hunting skills, or the ability to draw a life like Liger.


    Good work. I still have a mental problem with most doubles with a really pronounced landing/take-off.


    Nice 🙂 I’m still yet to try those at Stile Cop, looks like a revisit is in order!


    Good work buddy. Did you try the wall ride at the bottom of the doubles?


    fair play – those 2 drops look a lot bigger in real life too !


    Firstly, you cheated by rolling in off the fireroad 😛

    If you can land the second one OK you’ll have enough speed for the third, it feels like you are in the air for quite a while but keep away from the eject button and you’ll land eventually…

    thanks again guys.. Yeah I did the wall ride too Andy, not ver high though maybe 18inches…

    funny how videos make stuff look tiny eh..?

    scruff – Member
    Firstly, you cheated by rolling in off the fireroad

    I know I know… the run in is actually closed (a lot further back up the trail) I’ll do it proper next time scruff 😛 😉


    Nicely done. 🙂

    Fair play. Just watching it makes my hands tingle.

    I’m off on a jumps course this weekend, if I can come back attempting things that size I’ll be well chuffed!


    First time I did that wall ride I did ok, the second time I was scared and didn’t carry enough speed and went into it head first!

    eightyeight – Member
    I’m off on a jumps course this weekend, if I can come back attempting things that size I’ll be well chuffed!

    I have Jedi on Saturday so I am hoping he will teach me how to fly.

    I am really please with myself and the new bike is aces too.

    I’d like a day with Jedi too, I think now I have attempted stuff I’m in a better position to take advice as I’ll understand what he’s going on about.

    First time I did the wallride i slid down it and got my fingers trapped between the boards!!!??!?

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Good work. Tell the cameraman to have his morning Special Brew… 😉

    Premier Icon tuskaloosa
    Premier Icon bigad40

    Looking good!
    I want to go ride now…


    Is that Finn’s voice?

    Good work. I think you are going too fast. Less speed..more pump will mean you have more time to set up for numero three.


    The ski jump on Ridgeline is good to practise more air time / up confidence on, you can build up over a few runs with less potential nasties.


    Sweet jumps!

    Really must get myself over to the Cop to have a look-see, as slowly getting my confidence up on all the little kickers and jumps on the Dad/Monkey and else where.

    Joe – Member
    Is that Finn’s voice?

    Nope, I don’t know a Finn.

    I had a gander at the ridge line section I’ll give it a whirl next time I’m out.


    i ache, see you saturday 🙂

    Premier Icon althepal

    Nice one. I’ve always thought I could manage stuff like that but have never had the guts to try it..


    Looking forward to it Jedi, I need to show up rizla and his fancy new bike.


    nice work sir.

    mr plow

    ahhh the warm feeling of success :mrgreen:

    those jumps at the bottom of the black run look nothing on this video, but they are intimidating in real life, especially the upper one. I’ve done them on my dh bike but not had the balls on my rocket. Fair play to you rizla.

    Premier Icon johnhe

    Bigger than anything I’ve ever jumped.


    Looks cool that !!

    Good skills.

    I wish I could jump half as good as that :mrgreen:


    Nice job.

    Jumping up in the air on your bicycle is highly addictive.


    Nice work – I still haven’t done that drop at the end of the black, I keep promising myself I’ll have a go soon.

    Scamper, when you decide it’s time give me a shout I’ll happily show you the ropes.

    Honestly thought I’d get a ribbing for posting these videos, really pleased I didn’t. Thanks for being kind 🙂

    I still don’t get how small they look in the videos. I was bricking it.

    I might even post up some more stuff if and when I progress. 😉


    Good on ya!


    You’ve made that look easy. Good work PTR. Makes me realise I really need to do some practice as I would like to be able to do jumps like that. I think a course with Jedi may be needed for me to overcome my fears first though!

    Premier Icon iain1775

    Fair play, they are bigger in real life than on the vid
    You would piss the jumps Jedi teaches you on, they are nothing compared to those in the vid (Ive done a Jedi course, yet to work myself up to the ones in your vid, sure I could do them easy if Jedi was stood behind me though, not sure he would teach you much in terms of technique and approach speed, it looked pretty much ok from the little I gained from him, now it’s just practise and having the balls…)

    Thanks Iain, that is really confidence inspiring, I’ll save myself a few quid then and just keep riding.

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