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  • Achilles tendonitis. Best remedies?
  • wrightyson

    Bloody bad tonight. Loving getting old and all these new ailments. Usual bufren and rest (which I can’t do as I’m busy) as the remedies of choice or has anyone got anything better to offer. Tia


    I share you pain …. I have severe achillies tendonitis ( my specialist actually suggest that it rupturing might not be a bad thing!) ….
    And sever Plantar Fasciitis on the the heel.
    After losing tonnes off weight, beginning to run, getting to 6kms every 3 days, then finding it I don’t have a torn meniscus but Arthritis in my knee, it is the final straw.
    I can ride – which is great …. but I ma in content pain walking … it’s 8 weeks after doing the injury, so if anyone comes up with a solution, I am all ears


    Achilles issues here too from taking up running. I’m just doing lots of calf stretching. Trying strengthening exercises but can’t do much as its too weak. Stuff like heel drops, hopping etc


    Buy or make a ‘Strassburg sock’
    – use for about three weeks –
    Thank me and recommend to all your “Achilles friends”*.

    (*Saved me from a 2nd surgery)


    To deal with the cause I’d say try more stretching and strengthening. I swear by a good pilates class as it highlights your weaknesses.

    I’m usually sceptical about lotions and things but my achilles was playing up earlier in the year and I found applying pernaton gel helped it.

    Finding the cause and working on it is the key. I’ll bet it’s muscle imbalance from cycling.


    Go and see a physio, immediately. You (all of you) need a medical professional who can assess which stage your injury is and can give you appropriate treatment.

    I spent 6 months not being able to walk properly (or at all) because I didn’t go soon enough. I’m not going to post the exercises I needed to do here as I don’t want to encourage not seeing a physio. Going to a gp isn’t worth it, I went twice before he recommended seeing a physio.

    I needed radial shockwave therapy in the end, which hurts a buttload, but was completely worth it.


    Had this from driving (work related). Did loads and loads of massage on my calf, it was pretty tight and sore to start with but impeoved quickly. Also changed my driving position quite a lot to take strain off the achiless. Got better pretty quick after that

    ( my specialist actually suggest that it rupturing might not be a bad thing!) …

    Thats the road I went down, it never turned out that well. I never actually had ongoing tendonitis though, it was sore for a few days after playing squash, I thought it was a calf muscle twinge prior to it going ping in a match. Any running now gives me tendinitis on the other side, so I just don’t bother.

    The silver lining of the rupture is that I now ride a mountain bike instead of playing squash. It’s miles better.


    Psykx..has offered the best advice ..see a physio.
    The only problem might be that if you go down the NHS route there could be a bit of a wait ( not having a go at all ..just being realistic ) .
    I got a set of stretch exercises to do that helped me recover I gave up badminton ..having previously given up squash ..
    If you can’t wait then go ” private”
    But either way ..go to a physio!


    I suffered in 2014 with it, was seen by physio, started the exercises, had shock wave therapy also and can vouch for it being uncomfortable.
    It eventually ruptured anyway, which to be honest was a relief, had surgery and 8 weeks recovery and back to work.


    Strassburg socks …
    Thanks – I will try anything at the moment!


    Are you sure it’s Achilles?

    I thought I had it, went to see a (crap) Physio who thought I had it.

    Anyhow turns out I had just over done the running going from steady miles to sprint training and long distance all at the same time.

    Long and short calf’s were very tight and all the muscles in the foot were very tight. Quite a few sessions of intensive sports massage, stretching etc and my foot is no longer numb, can move and what I thought was Achilles pain has gone.

    You need to see a good Physio (not a bad one)

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