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  • Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Whilst sorting out my kit I realised the other day it occurred to me that I am quite brand loyal.

    Bikes : On-One/Specialized/Scott – Never owned anything else as an adult
    Tops : On-One – Got 5 of ’em
    Kit other than tops : Endura – Gloves, jackets, glasses, shorts all Endura
    Shoes : Shimano – 3 pairs
    On line – CRC – Never use anyone else
    LBS – Cooksons – Never use anyone else

    I guess if it works I don’t change it. Don’t know whether I’m dull, lazy or subconsciously loyal.

    Premier Icon bigblackshed

    Not accidental, just that some things work so I keep buying it.

    Thomson, Hope, Shimano, Race Face, Endura, Oakley.

    Premier Icon Pook

    Endura shorts. Every time. Just wish I could fin a pair with a decent map pocket.


    Easton, Rock Shox, Charge saddles, maxxis, endura & HT pedals.
    Everything else varies but on all my new bikes/builds I always revert to fitting thee above.

    Edit: all accidental!

    Premier Icon terrahawk

    yep – Rapha, Chris King, Waitrose, M&S….


    Fox clothes.
    I do like Specialized – 2 bikes – but wouldn’t say I’m loyal to them, I just like them.
    Shimano drivetrain, every time.
    Used to be Mavic rims, but have changed recently.
    Easton bars.

    On line – CRC – Never use anyone else

    How did you get your On-One kit then? 😉


    How did you get your On-One kit then?

    You’ve been rumbled! You’re a phony, a great big phony!


    If say I’m pretty similar really. I swapped to Sram mechs and shifters when they bought out their first trigger shifters and have been with them ever since, always use their chains too. I also tend to try and make my MTB’s feel similar to each other so both have Answer bars, Superstar pedals, Charge saddles, Sram mech and shifter and Shimano brakes.

    I’m less loyal when it comes to bike clothing though…it’s normally dictated by price and what I like.

    I always used CRC but am using a few others now due I their range shrinking and prices not being as good as they once were.


    Crank brothers for me – i know haters are gonna hate – but for me they are the “Apple” of the biking world . Also Altura clobber .

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    SRAM – Feels better – went when shimano went rubbish dabbled back every so often and stuck with SRAM
    Twisties 🙂
    HOPE – Nothing else works as well for me
    Mavic – great rims
    Santa Cruz – bikes that fit
    Specialized shoes
    TLD gloves


    Not had a bad product from Dakine yet.
    Altura as LBS stocks it and they treat me well, although I find their semi-dry shorts are a horrible fit. I have bib shorts and the new Mayhem rain jacket which are great.
    Have 3 Ghost bikes, all of which I find lovely: 2011 SE5000, 2011 MISS 5000, and 2011 AMR 5900 (one is for the lady wife, but looking back I may have overspent in hindsight). Think I would try a different brand next, though.
    And Nukeproof bits as they look badass and just plain work!

    Endura shorts. Every time. Just wish I could fin a pair with a decent map pocket.

    Hummvee back pockets take an OS map perfectly. Well, mine do.


    Oakley. 3 pairs now, looking at a 4th

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    You’ve been rumbled! You’re a phony, a great big phony!

    Fair cop. 😳 CRC for everything but shirts. And inner tubes. And err brake pads, sometimes.

    Premier Icon Coyote

    Sombrio for clothing
    Vans for shoes
    Crank Bros for pedals (50/50)

    Heh heh…’accidental’…how did you come to choose these brands, over the many hundreds of others, in the first place?!

    On my 2nd Spesh Enduro (different flavours), but will go down another road next time – however, for the moment I’m sticking with my 5yr old S-Works and upgrading.

    Shorts – Endura (and other brands) don’t last me 2 minutes. Now Troy Lee Moto’s – indestructible and I will keep on buying. Only need a new pair now (to replace 4yr old pair) due to considerable weight loss.

    Fox gloves seem to fit the bill – as does their clothing (albeit I don’t exactly have a lot of it).

    Hope products I just like, even though they may not be the best. Hope 4 light – not the brightest, Tech M4 brakes – not the most powerful, Pro II hubs – maybe won’t last the longest. Just beautifully made stuff, homegrown and great CS!

    Mavic rims – not the lightest, but never had a problem, ever, on any bike – just keep going back.

    Camelbak – not the cheapest, but IMO the best.

    Charge Spoon saddles – seem to fit me.


    Shimano drivechain & Shoes
    Dialled bikes hardtails.
    Schwalbe tyres.
    TLD gloves.
    Hope hubs & Rotors.
    King Headsets.
    Time Pedals.


    Drive chain shimano mtb stuff not accidental
    Had loads of bikes my favourites have all been cannondales they just seem to fit me.
    Specialized shoes always been the best fit for my feet again not really accidental.

    Premier Icon benji

    Sidi – cycling shoes and motorbike boots
    Crank Brothers – pedals
    Schwalbe – tyres was continental for years before that.
    Cannondale – but gradually a more mixed fleet now they are no longer the made in USA product they were in the 90’s.


    Fox stuff. I realised that I own fox helmet, gloves, shorts, jerseys, pads and even socks. It wasn’t intentional, the kit is just good quality, looks ok and isn’t too expensive.

    Shimano drivetrain
    DMR pedals
    Fizik seat
    Gore bike wear clothing
    Schwalbe tyres
    Camelback packs
    5:10 shoes

    Not sure about bikes. Currently have a Trek but am going to try something different next year.


    I don’t think I’ve got any to be honest.
    I can’t think of anywhere where I only get one brand. I even have a mixture of Shimano and SRAM groupsets.

    Shimano SPD pedals is all I can think of because all the rest are rubbish. Especially road cleats which are awful.


    Sony electronics, camera gear etc. Generally we don’t throw stuff away unless it breaks, and it seems to last for ever, so 25-yr-old CD player still works long after several non-Sony amps died. Just bought an ancient Sony amp for £20 on eBay 😉


    Pond Shop.

    MTB – SRAM
    Road – Shimano (Next will be SRAM, though!)
    Gloves – Troy Lee. No one else gets a look in apart from winter gloves
    Sunnies – Oakley. All of them. Which is a lot. 😳
    Helmets – Giro. They just fit my bonce
    Tyres – Conti. They’re good. Simple.

    Premier Icon ahwiles


    first i bought my lovely equilibrium.

    then, i bought my stonking high latitude.

    then, with vague awareness of the impending triumvirate that i was creating, i bought my trusty, awesome Cdf.

    no, i don’t need a Caribou, honest.


    I always try to kit my bikes out with the SRAM family, the old bike had SID’s, the new bike has a Reverb, my road and MTB’s have SRAM groupsets, roadie has Zipp’s, etc.

    In terms of pure parts, if I’m buying for myself it’ll always be Speedplay pedals, Vittoria tyres, and Castelli kit.

    Premier Icon ddmonkey

    I like to think that I have a few favourite brands but I find I am much more pragmatic in reality these days – I seem to own a lot of Specialized stuff because its good and reasonably priced for the quality despite not really having any liking for the brand. I love the Orange brand but no longer own one. Again, Shimano is not exactly glamourous but I no-longer use anything else on my bikes. A bit boring really function over everything it seems. I suppose that’s how it should be but its not very inspiring.


    All my bikes are on Rockshox forks, Shimano gears, Shimano brakes and Race Face cranks (except the road bikes which have Shimano cranks). I stick to what I know won’t explode or wear out having tried most other brands of brake, fork and drivetrain.

    I also use Shimano shoes- Shimano kit is just too good to go elsewhere.


    Crank brothers for me – i know haters are gonna hate – but for me they are the “Apple” of the biking world

    Over priced shiney rubbish?
    (Don’t know much about crank bros, but I know what Apple are!)

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    I don’t think it’s accidental at all with me, I choose stuff that works (from experience), is reasonably priced and looks nice.

    Drivetrain and brakes = Shimano (though I have an old set of Hope Minis on the singlespeed)
    Clothing = Sombrio, Dakine, Endura
    Packs/bags = Dakine or Osprey
    Gloves = Always Fox
    Shoes = Always Shimano
    Headsets = Always FSA
    Hubs = Always Hope

    Shimano, Hope, Continental, Rockshox up front, Fox out back.


    Marin, Whyte, Wilier, Chris King, Easton, Camelback, Cateye, Light & Motion.


    I’m currently Mr Genesis – damned Madison staff discounts.


    Shimano brakes and geary stuff.

    Singular frames of course…

    Premier Icon unklehomered

    Sram mechs
    Wipperman Chains
    Shimano brakes, cranks, shoes
    Rockshox forks, though feeling a pull to Xfusion
    Fox – gloves

    its more to do with having found things I like than brand identity with the exception of

    Commencal – Sussers. I just love commencal, but then again, they keep making things for me to love.

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