A Shim 10 spd MTB cassette work ok with Shim 10 spd road mech?

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  • A Shim 10 spd MTB cassette work ok with Shim 10 spd road mech?
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    Want to increase the range a little.

    I can lengthen chain etc but want to make sure the spacing is the same?

    So, will a 10 spd MTB cassette play nicely with a 10 spd road mech?

    Going from a 12-30 to say a 11-32.

    As always, thanks for info guys.


    Using road shifters? You’ll want a 9 speed MTB mech.

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    Scratch the above.

    New question and change of plan! Lol

    2013 Arkose 3.

    Tiagra 5700 rear mech. Short cage I’m pretty sure. Same vintage 105 shifters.

    2x at front. 50t and 34t chain rings.

    Now want to for a 34t-11t tiagra cassette. Currently have a 12-30.

    Am I correct in thinking I need a tiagra 5701 (medium/long cage, GS) rear mech to fit that? That has a 39t max capacity which is perfect… Though it’s listed as a max low of 32t at the back I think Shimano usually go a bit beyond that…. So 34t should be do-able?

    Or as scotroutes said,I could get a 9 spd nice and cheap mtb mech??


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    Thanks for linky.
    Quick check here when the cheap/nasty Altus 9spd will work fine I assume?


    Looking at the same thing – getting a 10spd MTB cassette on the road/CX bike. My understanding is any MTB 9spd mech will work (inc. Altus/Acera etc.).

    What is the true difference in Shimano groupset quality? Is Altus or Deore just as good at shifting (all other things being equal) as an XT but heavier? Or is there a difference in shift quality also?


    Ok I have been running a 11/42 10 speed MTB cassette on the hardtail with a 9 speed rapid rise rear mech and a flatbar tiagra 10 speed shifter (first gen).
    Back in the days 9 speed MTB and 10 speed road had the same cable ratio.
    To make it work though I had to use a pilo mech hanger to lower the mech

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    I’m running a 10sp XT cassette with a 9sp XTR mech via 10sp Ultegra shifters on my CX.

    Works fine. All 2013 / 2014 vintage kit.

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    Ok folks this gets confusing.

    Old 10 speed use to work with a 9 speed mtb rear mech. I think when 105 was 10 speed this was true.

    Tiagra 5700 is the same pull ratio as Shimano 11 speed so doesn’t work with 9 speed mtb. I think prior to this Tiagra had the gear cables coming out of the side of the shifter not under the bar tape like the newer 5700

    But the longer cage Tiagra rear beach is officially rated to 34 teeth at the back. They make a 11 34 Tiagra block. Mine is currently shifting on a 11 36 MTB cassette just fine. As the pull ratio is the same you can use a 11 speed mech if you like. I’d go for an my block as you get an alloy spider. I’d consider a 36 as you don’t really add much to any particular great gaps.

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    I have a 10 speed 105 rear mech, 5700or 5800 , can’t remeb exactly .The last rear mech I fitted was a 10 spd slx one ( labelled on box)which came instead of the 105 cassette I thought I had ordered . It works fine.
    Can’t remeber if it’s 32 or 30 but have since seen a 34 which may get a whirl.

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    We’ve had 10sp Tiagra shifters with the external cables that are the newer oddball cable pull. There is still a bodge that makes them usably index with the old 9spd mtb mech / 10sp cassette setup – add a 1mm spacer between sprocket 3 and 4.

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