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  • TuckerUK

    Are you going to mod the car?

    The MR2 REALLY needs decent dampers with independent rebound and compression adjustment, or custom valved jobbies made to suit. The lack of any decent aftermarket suspension options put me off buying one recently.

    My BIL had one of the first when they were new, and the first of only a few with cruise control…don’t ask.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I cycled past a BMW Z3 for £2,600 today.


    944 over a 924, all about the same money now.


    Which one as a play car?

    I know neither s the MX5, but they are both fairly affordable and look like fun

    I thought the 924’s were inbetter nick for the money.

    I know there are better cars, but the whole point was to get something non- standard

    Premier Icon parkesie

    I’d love a mr2 of that age tin worm is a problem on a lot of them tho 🙁

    Premier Icon nickjb

    AE86, much better balanced and enough room for a bike. Fantastic car to drive. I suspect if you can find one without too much rust it’ll be too expensive, though.


    BMW E30 318is or 325i, cheap reliable fun!


    BMW E30 318is or 325i

    My BIL had a E30 325i M-Sport new as well. It was delivered with the custom ICE missing, and a different brand of tyres on the left side of the car to the right! Not happy (especially because it was me that noticed the tyres, cue much pee taking) doesn’t cover it.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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