90's music (and the first few years of the 200's I suppose)

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  • 90's music (and the first few years of the 200's I suppose)
  • Boba Fatt

    Bloomin Spotify has got me all 90’d up at the moment with:


    and for some reason


    Any faves from this reasonably forgotten era (everyone goes on about the 80’s these days)


    Talk of the devil, I heard ‘low’ by Cracker the other day for the first time since 1994. What a tune. Great tempo, great chorus. Uber mint



    Eighties were pap. 90s is


    Beck – Where it’s At


    Roni Size and Reprazent – Brown Paper Bag


    Pulp – Babies


    “Reasonably forgotten era”?
    I listen to little else but Absolute Radios 90’s at home. Kids spend most of their time rolling their eyes!

    Verve – Star Sail (live 93)


    Julian Cope – Upwards at 45 Degrees


    Beastie Boys – Sabotage


    P J Harvey – Long Snake Moan (live@Glastonbury)


    It was probably the best time for music for me, and also the last time I can really remember music as coming from “a time”

    I guess it wasn’t long after that the internet really set in and you’d be listening to all sorts of new stuff that you’d never heard of before that might’ve actually been released ten or twenty years previous so maybe everything got messed up in my mind.


    Premier Icon binners



    This track pretty much summarises my life working and living in Manchester City centre in the 90’s . References all the places I virtually lived in, mainly Atlas, which was referred to as ‘the office’ due to how much time we spent in there. Christ, it was fun!! 🙂

    Forgot the biggest tune of the millenium 😉



    And my contribution

    Brought up to date with a current favourite



    Arrested Development – People Everyday

    De La Soul – A Roller Skating Jam Named ‘Saturday’

    Killing Joke – Struggle

    Leftfield – Song Of Life

    Underworld – Long and Dark Train

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    For me it was a toss up between early 90’s rave music and mid 90’s Britpop.



    And I had a massive crush on her


    And her 😆


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    Premier Icon binners

    Surely the definitive 90’s track


    Still sounds utterly ****ing brilliant!

    That, and…




    I could be wrong. I spent most of the 90’s, like most people in Manchester, absolutely ripped to the tits on industrial quantities of weapons grade MDMA.

    If anyone comes up with a viable time machine can you give me a shout. A return visit would be lovely 😀

    Premier Icon bikebouy

    “Forgotten era”

    Are you 11?

    Anything off this, too many to post and I’m at work so put this on and make it loud.


    70’s was still the “golden era ” for me Rock & Disco ..
    Hard Rock being my musical preference ..but Disco being something that I had to like if I had any chance of “pulling ” on the dance floor..
    The 80’s was just a recovery period 😀

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    Forgotten era?

    It was the era of my 20’s, the only reason it’s forgotten is because i was doing what 20 years olds did back then!



    I had been listening to various bits of music up till I was 18 but when I heard this track I never looked back. Still an amazing song although I’ve gone off their newer stuff and onto other harder stuff this still packs a punch.

    Speaking of harder (ish) stuff, I still blast this out on a regular basis – was featured on my favourite 90’s BMX video….



    “Reasonably forgotten era”? What age are you OP?

    Put this together after a thread on here a while back

    Premier Icon senor j

    “Forgotten era?”

    Hell yes! It’s all a blur for me – see binners post above…

    My nomination is My Bloody Valentine Loveless. It still sounds amazing. IMHO.


    Yup, great era

    Jeez that makes me feel old.

    Premier Icon deadkenny

    Everything here I still think is only a few years ago. Some stuff, I think I’ve got the last album by some band, then find out they’ve done ten more since then!

    Saw Family Guy do a parody of this the other day, and was thinking how cool the original was, modern video and song, only to realise it was made in the mid 90s!









    Premier Icon chakaping

    Only recently discovered this little gem from 1990. Best indie-dance remix ever?

    The 1990s was arguably the most creative and diverse decade for pop music, if you ignore most of the Britpop pap that gets all the headlines.

    A few of my most fondly remembered highlights…

    Couldn’t pick one track from MBV.

    Placebo—Nancy boy

    Muse—plug in baby

    Blueboy—remember me

    Olive—you’re not alone

    Rui de silva—touch me

    Q-tip—breathe and stop

    Mansun—wide open space

    Oasis—go let it out

    Premier Icon jimdubleyou

    James Dean Bradfield looked young in the 90s eh?

    I went to uni 95-98, so obviously eventhing from back then is brilliant. Even Gina G.



    I still think that period from about ’88 to ’96 was brilliant, so many types of music really finding a real footing, hip-hop, dance music, american indie bands, Brit-Pop, drum and bass, techno and some great metal albums etc>

    Few favourites:








    Premier Icon chakaping

    I still think that period from about ’88 to ’96 was brilliant

    Yeah, a lot of the tunes I considered ’90s classics turned out to be from 88 and 89.

    Really fertile time for music and breaking down boundaries. Everything opened up. Wonder why that was.

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