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  • Premier Icon richmtb

    Drive to Kirroughtree on Friday, then drive to accommodation at Mabie

    Drive to Innerleithen on Saturday – stop at Glentress if you have time.

    Ride Mabie on Sunday morning then drive home


    Drive to Innerleithen on Saturday – stop at Glentress if you have time.

    GT is only minutes away so IMO you’d have to squeeze that one in unless you’ve done it previously.


    what riding do you fancy at inners? trails or DH?

    if its trails id go to Glentress instead of inners

    Premier Icon bigjim

    Best stuff at inners is unmarked, the XC is nice but not sure I would drive far to do it. As said GT might be a better option. Drumlanrig should really be on your list – don’t just think scotland mtb = 7stanes. Then there are all the footpaths…


    If you like riding down and fast but don’t mind a climb, then do not miss Innerleithen.

    If you’re of reasonable fitness you can easily do GT red, freeride and blue/whatever and Inners in the one day anyway.


    Myself and my brother in law are staying for a few days this weekend in Mabie (Mabie House Hotel – as recommended by many on here). We’re setting off from South Lakes early friday morning and hope to get a good ride in on Friday, another on Saturday and a third shorted ride on Sunday that will allow us to get back to Windermere by 2pm Sunday afternoon.

    We’Of the 7 Stanes we’d like to get as many of the following in, if possible given the time we have:

    We appreciate that Kirroughtree is about an hours drive from Mabie and that Innerleithen is about an hour and three quarters, but we’re willing to set off early. Saturday will most likely be set aside for either of these two centres.

    Given the time that we have how would the STW collective organise our agenda for the weekend. What do you consider to be good, not so good.

    for various reasons this trip is in place of a return weekend trip to Alps so we need it to be good!


    Thanks for all the posts. I think I’ll suggest driving staight to Kirroughtree on Friday and then on to the accommodation. Up to Glentress/Inners for the day on Saturday and then a quick pootle around Mabie on Sunday.

    Now, what about the weather??


    Don’t forget Dalbeattie is worth a go, especially as you are fairly close at Mabie. Also if you have time after Kirroughtree, pop along to Glentrool for a go at the blue, see here http://7stanesmountainbiking.com/Glentrool/The-Green-Torr
    It is not hardcore, but the berms are ace and fast πŸ™‚ a great wind down after the black of Kirroughtree.
    Plenty to go at and yes midge spray just in case!

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    Dalbeattie for sure.

    Premier Icon Trekster

    Agree with some of above but why waste 3hrs by driving to GT/Inners and back? Save that for another weekend imo.

    As already said drive straight to Kirry,ride the black and then back to Mabie House. Beware speed cameras, Wickerman Festival weekend, hippies everywhere πŸ˜‰

    You could then ride Dalbeattie+Mabie or head up to Drumlanrigg am?
    Over at Dalbeattie you can add a few miles on by doing the coastal path between Sandyhills and Kipford. Wee bit of hiking involved but scenery/views are ace πŸ’‘ Cafe at the end of the forest car park.

    Sunday pop over to Ae on the way home, 2hr ride, lunch at the cafe, job done πŸ˜†

    Drum on sat am then take the back road from Thornhill over to Ae.

    That leaves Mabie on Sunday morning.

    Do not leave your bikes attached to roof bars etc overnight at Mabie πŸ’‘ Some thefts in the area last year but none so far. There are a few “workmen” in the area at the moment cruising the streets in vans looking for “work” πŸ˜‰

    Premier Icon rickon

    I’m on the same page with Trekster. Glentress and Inners are great, but its a long way from the southern trails and warrants its own trip really.

    There’s four good trail centres in the south, Drumlanrig is a must too πŸ™‚


    Me too
    Kirroughtree is ace. Dalbeatie is a must as is Drumlanrig. Then Mabie and Ae. GT and Inners are great but not worth the travel on a short trip from where you are

    Premier Icon Simon

    ^ what they all said. GT is great but save it for another trip.


    Ditto above.

    Plenty on that side of the A74(M). My trail centre preferences would be (in descending order): Kirroughtree, Drumlanrig, Mabie, Dalbeattie, Ae, Glentrool.

    I always try and get some Cream O Galloway ice cream down my neck too.


    I’d avoid Ae personally.


    Thanks for all the comments everyone. Great to see that people are happy to give advice to others in the search for a good weekend.

    So, looks as if first off to Kirry on Friday. Saturday could well be Drumlanrig followed by Dalbeattie and ending with Mabie on Sunday morning.

    Hopefully will get some good photos that’ll be posted up here next week.

    Thanks again.

    Premier Icon Trekster

    coogan – Member
    I’d avoid Ae personally.

    You are entitled to your opinion πŸ˜€

    If the OP has not been before then I think he is entitled to go and make up his own mind πŸ’‘

    Personally I have not been to GT/Inners for the best part OF 3YRS. Living in the D&G area the trails we have and the proximity of the Queensberry Hills, Lowther Hills, Lakes, Howgills and Peaks means I have plenty of other options.

    😳 got me started on that old chestnut………

    Enjoy your weekend PaulEvans. I will be heading down to Silloth on Sat, should have been biking @ Mabie but family plans etc… πŸ™„

    Ice cream on the way home? http://www.drummuirfarm.co.uk/

    Premier Icon rickon

    Also seek out the farm shop outside Dumfries…. someone will know the name of it. It’s awesome. Absolutely Awesome. Go there for breakfast, and then buy a shedload of meat. Best butchers I’ve been to.


    Ae and mabie can be done easy in the same day. Deffo do them, Ae is fab, my favourite trail. Mabie is nice but have done it load. There is a wealth if other trails around and in mabie forest but you would need someone to light the way.

    Kirroughtree is nice but a fair drive, but I would rather go there than glentress.

    The big country at glentrool is really lovely, not a singletrack fest but it’s such a nice ride on the right day.

    The glentrool blue is really nice.

    Don’t iss the cafe at Ae it’s just re opened and the guys who are running it are brill.

    Dalbeattie is not my favourite but don’t let that put you off, you may love it.

    Don’t rush about trying to fit in a million things, chill and do some riding don’t spend hrs in your car.

    There are loads of natural trails around Dumfries that are great. Up to lowther from thornhill is a great ride.



    I am off to Kirroughtree on Friday, first time biking in Scotland. A little excited πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon Trekster

    rickon – Member
    Also seek out the farm shop outside Dumfries…. someone will know the name of it. It’s awesome


    Even better imo;

    Don’t miss the cafe at Ae it’s just re opened and the guys who are running it are brill.

    Run by this young lads mum along with his big brother in the bike shop:


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