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  • 7 speed cassette?
  • docrobster

    Depends if its a 7 or 8 speed free hub. If you are lucky it’s 8 speed with a spacer sitting behind the cassette. If you’re not its a 7 speed free hub which is too narrow to accept an 8 speed cassette.

    no spacer, i’m not sure now why i thought it was 8 speed?

    that may have been an asumption?

    yep its a 7 speed hub,…what i’m trying to figure out is,..the smallest cog, the one that is loose, can i just leave that off the cassette?

    i’m answering my own questions as i go along lol

    i need that smallest cog for the lock ring to lock

    is the largest cog separable from the cassette? There is a very small allen key hole that appear to probably hold apin that holds them all together, too small for my allen key though?

    hi, Today i brought an 8 speed sram cassette to help bling up my retro ride, that i only got this week. I never took great note of the cassette that was on it, just assuming it was 8 speed because that’s what the sti’s had on them,…anyway…having taken it off i notice that the cassette has only 7 cogs, do i just fit my 8 speed and play round with the gears to make it all nice,…or can i leave the smallest cog off the new cassette (is that ever done?) and run like for like, to ease the transition?

    i’ve evidently not swapped like for like…the old one is 11-24 the new one 12-26

    Premier Icon eviljoe

    If there is Allen key heads it will come apart, then you are left with the rings and spacers. You can then put them on without the pins, but the rings might cut into the freehub body. I might be interested in the 7 speed cassette if it is going spare?

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