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  • What was the last thing you broke . . . ?
  • Premier Icon cardo

    Myself on Thursday… when i went down with Man flu, like the Hindenberg on it’s ultimate landing.


    The 1x type SSC chain guide on my mtb at Cwmcarn last weekend – I shouldn’t have back pedalled with the chain off… oops.

    Still, only £8 to fix.

    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    Toucan magnet 🙁

    Bike-related was a brake lever after a mini stack. £20.99 the thieves!

    Premier Icon Flaperon

    A bottle of Budvar. Fell through the bottom of two Tesco carrier bags, which despite lasting for ten million years when wrapped around the neck of a seagull managed to bio-degrade on the trip home.

    A bottle of BudvarIPA. Fell through the bottom of two Tesco carrier bags, which despite lasting for ten million years when wrapped around the neck of a seagull managed to bio-degrade on the trip homeside of a tesco bag cos I had lifted it with one handle.

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    Senseo “Coffee” machine.

    Lid lever thingy jammed. Stood on base bit cos it was going to need a bit of brute force, pulled lever up, machine snapped in half 🙂

    Useless machines, massive design flaw. Local authority electricals recycling is where they belong 🙂

    Ordering a proper coffee machine this weekend.


    Wine glass a couple of months ago. One of four posh ones that we treated ourselves to. We are down to two now….

    OH smashed the front door of our double oven while trying to clean it a couple of weeks ago. She undid some screws that she thought were holding the inner glass panel in (allowing her to lift it off). They weren’t. They were stopping the outer glass panel from falling to a painful, shattery death. Which it did. And it’s too old to get a replacement. Bum.

    Premier Icon white101

    ankle, 12 weeks 2 days 23 hours and 45 minutes ago.

    I’ve been risk averse ever since.

    EDIT: note to self, cancel shopping trip to Tesco re above horror stories


    £23.99 for a brake lever? That’s cheap!

    Look up the Avid Carbon levers from the Juicys/Elixers.. I was quoted £60 EACH from JEJames.

    Premier Icon unklehomered

    Me – misjudged the last LAST techy bit coming down Rangers. The 10 days ago, my bruise is at the yellow arm phase.


    a chain tensioner in the horizontal dropout of my commuter last night.
    I looked at it, thought ‘that needs some WD40 on it, looks seized’ but alas the WD40 was not within reach… put the allen key in, try to turn, little bit more, little bit more, little bit more… PING! sheared the head off the bolt.
    after much effing and blinding, snapped the other end of the bolt off and left the remainder in the frame, decided I didn’t need to use it anyway. just do the bolts up a bit tighter than normal…

    me, . . . an empty glass jar in the kitchen that I inexplicably knocked off the work top, thus shattering it into a 100 pieces . . .

    …I was in a rush, so got a less than appealing tidy up job to look forward to on my return (sigh)

    Premier Icon DezB

    My cheapo Ebay bike trailer. Was gonna use it to go to the Isle of Wight with my son for his rugby tour. We got as far a the ferry port and I manoeuvred the trailer up the wheelchair ramp and the bloody QR snapped off. Stranded. Had to get the crappy car ferry in the end 🙁


    And two butter-dishes in the space of a weekend.

    My EBB is fubarred, too.


    A 750 gram hardly touched jar of nutella which hit the floor and shattered…


    Matt Hunter’s heart. 😀


    The deck of my ‘big’ mower on Saturday. The deck is suspended below a frame on either side but the frame ripped out of the deck on one side – you can see the holes in the foreground.

    A bit of steel cutting/drilling/tack welding and it should be fixed by the weekend.

    Untitled by Metal-Chicken, on Flickr


    My left knee ….

    It was sore but getting better after the London marathon last week. Then I went and did a triathlon on Sunday and now it puts up a fight when I try and bend it.

    No training is BORING and I’m only two days in


    The heart of every woman who sees me, then notices my wedding ring.

    Or perhaps not.

    In reality the last thing I broke was an Ikea shelving unit while attempting to dismantle it at the weekend.

    Premier Icon nuke

    Would have been my broken wrist but this morning I knocked a green T-Rex fridge magnet from Wookey Hole caves off the fridge…only been on there since Easter. Gutted 🙁


    The toilet seat. Too many pies… 😳

    Premier Icon timidwheeler

    Full jar of turmeric.
    Bad day.

    Premier Icon colournoise

    My tall wheat beer glass. On Friday.

    Monday before that it was most of the flesh on my knee. Fell off bike and gashed my knee – inch long, half inch wide and almost down to the kneecap. Like a fool I didn’t get it stitched, so now have a massive scab and a knee that doesn’t bend very far.

    Premier Icon lapierrelady

    Axle on the mountain bike. Told my husband I was riding so hard I should get a hope hoop as a reward replacement!

    Premier Icon paulmgreen

    my thumb 3 weeks ago 😥

    Premier Icon househusband

    And two butter-dishes in the space of a weekend.

    How many people even have two butter dishes..?!


    Sound barrier.

    Brake fade.

    My waters.

    In that order.

    My Leg is the last thing i broke. 10 weeks ago oh and my knee ligaments the angry, Unhappy Triad.

    Premier Icon phinbob

    Pivot bolt on my Superlight.

    in/lbs not ft/lbs doooooooohhhhhhhhhh.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Set of bombers. Over tightened a foot nut only to find it was on the Schrader valve for the neg air and it was the cart not a chamber. Then mashed the top cap trying to mod it for something else


    My wrist – twice:
    Broken by me 3 weeks ago
    Broken again yesterday by surgeon “straightening” it

    Hurts about 4000x more this time 🙂

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