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  • 50mm vs 60mm stem
  • jayx2a

    Sorry for a long winded post but it’s always good to get others opinions etc.

    My bike came with stick 60mm stem and 740mm bars. I added 760mm bars and 50mm stem as had them from last bike and for the 60-90min blasts it’s all been great.

    Recently been going for longer less technical rides which involves more flats and hills. I started to get a slight bit of wrist ache. Not badly, just a felt a bit uncomfortable. Resting my palms slightly forward on the grips for a bit sorted it so I thought it might be worth swapping back to the 60.

    I have now tried the 60 a few times and I don’t think my hands ached as much and the climbs seemed a little bit easier.

    However the steering did feel a bit more sketchy and when I got home I felt my shoulders aching a bit more.

    Now, I’m not sure if 10mm can make this kind of difference or it is just a sort of placebo effect that is making me think 10mm can makes big difference.

    For refence I have 3 x 10mm spacers all under the stem if this makes any difference! This could also be down to technique more than anything!

    Premier Icon robertpb

    There are dozens of variables here, 5 on the bars to start with. Then where your saddle is in relationship to the bars. It just goes on and on.

    You may be better off seeing what is the difference between the old bars and the new not just the width and how you have rotated them on the stem. A 60mm stem would seem like a bus ride on my bike but that’s just my setup you can’t copy that to your bike.

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