27.5 tubeless rims?

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  • 27.5 tubeless rims?
  • mildred

    What are the options for decent 27.5 tubeless rims? Something that’s properly tubeless such as xm819 & so on, not tubeless ready, needing special rim tape etc.

    What is your definition of “proper” tubeless? AFAIK Mavic are still the only ones that don’t require any sort of tape or rim strip, for all others tubeless ready still requires some sort of taping. Sticking tubeless rim tape on is really not a big deal.

    Any rim, and some gorilla tape.

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    Do you mean UST rims?

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    Mavic only do the EN821 in 26 or 29 at present, but they have a budget line of UST rims in 27.5 – the XM419, EN421, and EN423. Quite a bit heavier than the high end offerings, and use a specific rim tape for each model, but do have real UST rim profiles with bead hooks. Last 2 digits in each case are internal rim width.

    If I were you I’d look at DT EX471 XM401 rims – I built some EX471 rims up on old hubs recently and they are way stiffer than the rims they replaced, or the EN821s I have on another bike. Again they use tape (2 rounds of Gorilla Tape worked perfectly) but I prefer tape to the fiddly and heavy grommet approach Mavis use on their high end rims.
    EX471 are 25mm internally and the XM401 are21mm internal.


    Thanks for the replies & yes I mean UST.

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