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  • 27.2 Dropper Posts: 15 Options For Skinny Seat Tubes
  • stwhannah
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    27.2 dropper posts are not common but if you have a bike frame with a skinny seat tube you can still take advantage of the benefits.

    By stwhannah

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    A handy and well timed summary of options for my A La Carte hardtail, thanks STW!

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    You’ve missed off the T Mars post. I’ve been using this dropper and it’s given me 3 years of great service to date.

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    Gravity Dropper FTW.
    Got mine second hand 6 years ago (from here, natch) and it’s worked flawlessly ever since. So easy to work on, and parts are dirt cheap.


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    Good article, something often overlooked. I struggled like hell to find a dropper that worked on my old 29er Genesis! Loved that bike but ultimately the main reason I got rid. Glad there are better options out there now

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    Brand X Ascend II is internally routed. It comes with a cyclocross style lever, which mounts on the wide part of the bar by the stem, for use on drop handlebars. Otherwise it seems to be a good product so far. I’ve used mine in the mud of Hit The North this year, and it survived that.

    I do want to get a lever that fits next to the shifter though.

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    +1 for gravity dropper. Engineering simplicity and built to last.

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    I too am using a 5 year old ( to me) 2nd hand gravity dropper.
    It’s sooo simple, works a treat..
    Since I’ve bent it slighly it’s been stuck in the seat tube for 3 years. If it needs attention I’ll have to cut it out

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    There’s the DT 232 as well. Upside-down, 60mm, 369g

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