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  • 24 hour solo – will full sus make that much of a difference?
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    Firstly, apologies for the thinly veiled HT v full sus thread.

    I’m going to be doing the twentyfour12 in July and have a C456 which is what I originally planned to use (did the Kielder 100 in 13 hour on it with no ill effects) but I’ve been thinking about getting a full sus to improve comfort on such a long ride.

    I’ve been going over the pros and cons for a few weeks now and cannot reconcile whether I would appreciate more the comfort of the extra suspension or the lower weight of the HT. I’m thinking of something like a Yeti ASR 5 (to suit the type of riding I normally do) so it would probably be about 1-1.5kg more to lug around.

    Any experiences and advice will be greatly appreciated.


    you have misunderstood the basic question you should be asking yourself: this is why you are going round and round with no solution, though you are clearly now have some experience of your own in these types of events.
    You are asking yourself an “either/or” question re a HT/FS, when in fact this is not an either or question.
    I believe, and wiser bikers will be along soon to confirm i’m sure, that the rule of n plus 1 applies quite clearly in this case and that you should in fact be taking both. The only real question is whether you take a singlespeed for if things get apocolyptically wet and muddy.
    For 24 events you take EVERYTHING!
    in 24 hours do not understimate the value of comfort.
    My first 24 hours was summed up as “how hard can it be?”
    my second was largely billed by my backup crew as “sobbing for ginger cake”!


    Start on ht and then get on the fs when you start to feel tired. Fs will let you get away with tired line choices. And you will be tired.

    Great course. I did the 12 hour solo on my Prophet a couple of years ago and I was glad of the dumb line ability late in the night. Would I have been so tired if I took a lighter bike? Maybe not as tired, but I’d still have been tired. Fs recommended in my book unless your likely to be challenging for a podium.


    Dry, dusty, techy course, nice light full-suss.
    Wet mud & snow (think Puffer) rigid SS.


    Been a while since for me, but I’d take both. It’ll depend on conditions as well. A nice firm dry course might mean you’ll want to stay on a full susser. A bit changeable and you might prefer the more utilitarian HT.
    My old combos for 24 solos;
    SS Inbred & Mongoose Zero G HT.
    SS Inbred & GF Sugar.
    SS Inbred & XTC HT
    XTC & Carbon NRS
    Trance & XTC
    853 Inbred geared & Trance
    853 Inbred geared & Carver 96er SS
    Tempted to have a go this year on a £69 hardtail frame with 2005 XT parts, a bike befitting an Oldgit.
    Though I did say I won’t do another solo until I’m 60.


    I was in the same boat as you a few years ago. Almost convinced myself that the extra weight of a FS was totally worth the extra weight for the comfort factor but this year I used what I had, a HT, quite a heavy one too and got my best result by far.

    I think it’s more to do with the body, conditioning is key, very rarely you hear about a soloer dropping out as their legs are tired, its usually, back, knee, wrist, hands, mind etc, work on get them strong and fit and you’ll be laughing.

    But if you want a definitive answer, a 29er ht, just to throw a spanner in the works 🙂

    Premier Icon Paulio

    Ginger cake added to the list!

    Thanks chaps, really useful insights there. Latest thinking then; I’ll get a full sus frame (any excuse!), swap over my fancy light bits with a view to use that as my (1×9 speed) main bike whilst using my spares box to build up the 456 as a spare (maybe ss) bike.

    I really don’t want to be able to use the bike as an excuse for a poor or non-finish. I’m fairly confident about fitness and conditioning, provided I stay injury free, so it’s hopefully just the organisation and strategy to concentrate on.

    Premier Icon terrahawk

    I’ve spent the last few years doing ok at 24 hour solos with a pair of rigid 29ers (gears).

    Sure, it hurts a bit but get a good one, MTFU and just think about how awesome you are 😉


    I swapped from a Scott Scale to a Giant Anthem X when I started doing more endurance racing. On a short course, most of the time, the Scale was faster, but the fact is that for endurance, I’m a lot quicker on a full sus.

    The main thing for me is that it beats you up a lot less, and saves your energy for when you need it. It’s also quicker on the downs and, as most of these races are entirely off road, the extra traction up hill is a benefit.

    I did 10 at Kirroughtree on a borrowed Scale while I was waiting for my new Anthem to arrive this year and had my worst result in years- I was falling off a lot, and my upper body tired quickly, as did my legs. 3 months later at Relentless on the new Anthem and we were back up the results table to the podium.

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