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  • 2018 Pike vs 2019 Pike vs 2018 Lyrik vs 2019 Lyrik.
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    I’m considering new forks for my 16 Patrol.

    I’m looking at all the above, and there are a few things I’m not clear on. All seem to come with the Charger 2, but from what I can see from press stuff, the only real difference between 18 and 19 versions of both models is the air spring, which can be purchased for 35 quid anyways, is that right? Oh, and the colour of Lyrik.

    If that’s the case, are there any differences in the damping between Pike and Lyrik, or any other differences I might notice, other than chassis? I’m only light, but I do like a nice stiff fork.

    My only vaguely close experience is riding 2016 versions of both, of which the Lyrik just feel ‘better’. Plusher, smoother, and just, well, better.

    I may also want a 170 fork, which immediately rules ouy the Pike, but let’s forget about that for the moment…

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    As far as I can see whilst’s they’re both Charger 2 to 2018 Lyrik is RCT3 and the ’19 is RC2 there’s meant to be subtle differences.

    The Air Spring looks to be slightly lower friction and supposedly nicks some ideas from the Luftkappe.

    As for Lyrik v Pike – whilst they’re both 35mm, the Lyrik has tapered (internally) stanchions for greater stiffness (with a weight penalty) and beefier lowers, again for stiffness – whilst at a distance they look similar, in Fox speak the Lyrik is a 36 and the Pike a 34.

    If I was in your shoes and there was a big discount available for the ‘old’ 2018s I’d go for those, if it’s negligible I’d go for the new ones, but in Black.

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