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  • 2016 spitfire build
  • Nearly finished the buld below (pics to come dont worry).

    2016 spitfire. The seem to be a popular bike on here so hopefully we’ll have some opinions.
    650b, avalanche pikes, avalanche monarch plus, dt swiss Ex1501 wheelset, renthal carbon bars, duo stem. Xt 11 speed full groupset. Reverb stealth.

    The stack height is probably an inch lower than my last bike (intense t275c).
    I’m 6 foot 1 with a 33 inseem on a large if thats relevent. Should i run 2 inches of spacers under the stem to get to my old stack height, or embrace the spitfire which is obviously supposed to have a low front end trying it as intended first.

    bar heights for spitfire owners, or similar geo bikes might be a help if his has not come up before.

    Test ride in the mornig 🙂

    Premier Icon tuskaloosa

    take the spacers with you on the test ride and do a couple of runs with and without and see what feels the best?

    That should be awesome with the Avalanche dampers!

    I always leave quite a bit of steerer height, start out with my stem slammed and then never seem to end up raising it. My Spitfire is a 2014 one (the 2016 version has a lower BB) so stack is about 6mm less with the same dropout setting (it varies +/-6mm), I’m running no spacers below, zero rise 50mm stem, 20mm rise 800mm bars, 5’10.5″ tall.

    I’d start with the bars really low and raise them if it feels precarious on steep stuff or too difficult to manual. The low bars really help weight the front wheel for better cornering with modern slack bikes


    I had one spacer on my 2016 large with 50mm stem and 160 pikes when I built it up. Last bike was slammed but the spitfire headtube is pretty short, think I’m up to 3 spacers now.

    Cheers guys! Ill start low then and see where we get to!

    I can see what all the fuss is about. It doesnt feel in any way a downgrade from my intense t275c which is a pretty big conpliment in itself! Climbs really well despite extra weight. Feels like there is more travel than there is, nothing is wasted out back, no wallowing. Very impressed!

    Re the stack height, i like it lowi think it works with the slack angles, i did get a lot more arm pump than usual though so theres obviously more weight on my wrists.


    sorry, can’t contribute (big fan of the spitfire though)

    I was curious as to why you swapped from the intense?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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