2.6 Tyres vs Plus?

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  • 2.6 Tyres vs Plus?
  • LMT

    New bike ordered, it will take a 650b plus but the cost of new wheels cassette etc…slightly putting me off, I was going to run a 2.8 plus.

    Looking online I can get the bonty xr4 in a 2.6 and technically I have clearance in the frame, the bigger up the range stumpys come with 2.6 while mine comes in 2.3 ground controls.

    Will I notice th difference between plus and just a little less? Can I run them at lower pressures? Anyone else run 2.6? Will I get the traction I’ve been seeing on my plus bike?

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    The only experience with 2.6” tyres is in 29” flavour and Nobby Nics.

    They were a bit bigger than a 2.4” but not much – certainly a fair way off 2.8” and 3.0”

    Pressure and traction stuff will largely be dictated by rim width.

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    bigger up the range stumpys come with 2.6

    My experience of Specialized 2.6 tyres is they are about as fat as a Maxxis 2.4 and not comparable to a plus tyre at all.  I wouldn’t use them as a guide to another manufacturers 2.6

    Run 2.6 Magic Mary addix soft front and rear … on a PLUS bike.

    2.8 or 3.0 inch rubber I don’t like too much.

    I use 35 mm rims (FunWorks from actionsports.de) and run the 2.6 inch tyres around 19 psi. Downhill, over rough stuff: incredible!

    That’s my fun bike now.

    On long and fast mtb tours without technical demanding stuff I take my 2.3 inch tyre bike… – the 2.6 Magic Marys are grip monsters – but they have drag as well…

    2.6 tyre development: tons and tons of new great tyres in this size!


    I’m running 2.6 rear as my frame isn’t boost and won’t take any more. Running on a normal rim.

    But am running proper 2.8 plus on wide 45 rim on front. Works well and avoids too much of a penny farthing look!

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    Put a 2.8 exo DHR on the back on my ebike and found it too vague, also casing not strong enough but both might be related to the weight of the bike.

    Got a 2.6 ebike rated Magic Mary on the front now and a 2.5 DHF DoubleDown on the back which is much better. Wouldn’t go bigger than the MM in future


    I’ve got a 2.8 magic Mary up front & a 2.8 specialized Slaughter on the rear.

    Fantastic combo.   So much lateral grip with psi in the mid teens.  Much less draggy than I expected but wouldn’t want to do 40+ miles on them

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    Blimey, there seems to be a 2.6″ Rock Razor… yes please 🙂

    I briefly ran a 2.6 Magic Mary – didn’t offer enough benefit over a 2.4 Ardent. A 2.6″ tyre is nothing like a true 3″ plus tyre


    Guess will bite the bullet and get a new wheelset…just no cheap options…

    just no cheap options…

    if you like: check the configuration page for custom-wheels from actionsports.de

    Guess they don’t have a “sale” right now in summer time – but ordered there my 35 mm rims (FunWorks) / DT 370 wheels for my 2.6 tyres.

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