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  • 1×11 Shimano XT and jockey wheels
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    Hi, I’ve had the new XT 1×11 (and an XT chain) and have been riding with it for about 3 months no problem.

    I’ve just had a new KMC chain on it which is coming off the lower jockey wheel only while riding techy stuff. It stays on easy terrain or road.

    The jockey wheel itself appears fine and is turning well and is well lubricated. The cage does not appear bent.

    It does skip down gears whilst back pedalling (common?) (chain line problem?)

    I know you might say put a new XT chain back on (exactly)

    Anybody got any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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    . 😯

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    is the KMC link fully closed/engaged, you have to make sure they have snapped into place.

    Locate the link at the top of the chain between the cassette and the chainring and then holding the bike on the brakes, put pressure on the pedals until you hear it click into position.

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    I’ll certainly have a look at that, Thanks very much.

    had something similar myself with a kmc chain just recently

    backpedalling on it and it jumps down the cassette, never used to on other chains (same running gear), and chain sounded awful in 42t cog also (don’t use it very often but was pretty awful when I did)

    have gone back to a shimano xtr chain and backpedalling now stays no fully regardless of speed and noise is lot better in 42t

    running, xt rear mech 11speed, absolute black oval chainring and now a xtr dura ace m9000 chain

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    Interesting, just replaced the worn out 1×10 on my Aeris with 1×11 xt. Everything is new with a KMC chain and have the same issues. Messed about with the chain line, b tension and chain length to no avail. Best order a Shimano chain like I should have done in the first place.

    yep I did the same, couldn’t understand how it started falling off backpedalling, something it definitely never did before so messed around with new cable, adjusted H & L screws, b screw, tension, everything

    whacked a new xtr chain on and instantly started being able to back pedal, and the noise seems a hell of a lot quieter (always slight noise in 42 due to chainline I guess), but a lot better than with the kmc even in all the gloop currently

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    was watching some youtubes last night, and a couple there were demonstrating chain dropping from the 2 biggest sprockets when back pedalling, even after moving the chainring inboard with 2mm spacers.

    they were also KMC chains.

    personally, i’d avoid back pedalling anyway, always try to forward pedal on trails, and if at the traffic lights then probably not going to be in the 2 biggest cogs anyway. so it’s just moving pedals to the right position on bastard steep technical stuff that’s the issue.

    its never affected me in way, shape or form on the trail that ive noticed (since having the kmc chain on backpedalling and falling down), so I must not ever really do that when I’m riding…. it was just when cleaning I noticed backpedalling the cranks, but thought it never used to it, which then made find out what was causing it, combined with the noise I seemed to be generating in 42t

    seems like it maybe something to do with the kmc chains, as I said I literally put a new xtr on one, and instantly it stopped dropping with no other adjustments, it also shifts a fair bit smoother too

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    Cheers People. Good to hear other people have had issues too.


    if it helps, the best chain i’ve found for noise, wear and staying on is the SRAM PC1091 on my 1×11 XTR setup. XTR was noisy but stayed on and KMC was utterly rubbish and wore out in double quick time


    Best to avoid KMC 11 speed chains if you want to ever backpedal in the lowest two gears. See the end of this thread on MBR Forum …



    had absolutly no issue on the trail with my xt 11sp 11-42 32t oval and KMC chain. sure if you pedal backwards it does drop down but I don’t pedal backwards so its not an issue is it

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