10wt oil for Fox Floats

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  • 10wt oil for Fox Floats
  • Premier Icon keppoch

    I want to service my 2010 Fox Floats. So I need some 10wt suspension oil (it says in the manual)

    But on the Mojo store there are two sorts, the top two items here:

    Mojo Store

    Which one do I need? And is the Mojo store the best place to get it from?


    Motorbike shop’s are going to be a lot cheaper, but for good advice as well, it’s worth giving Simon at Loco a call as he sells decent quality oil at a reasonable price, and will advise on your particular needs too.

    Premier Icon keppoch

    but if I was going to buy one of the two Mojo stocked products…. which one would be the right one?

    Or are they both right but different?

    I will also give LoCo a ring.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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