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  • £1000 Budget…Cube or a Boardman
  • RealMan

    The boardman is the better bike.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I’ve not ridden the latest Boardmans, but the old ones were superb and these are apparently better. Nothing wrong with that Cube either. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with either really. Have a sit on them if you can and see how they feel.


    Ride them if you can

    Premier Icon mboy

    Frame and fork looks a better combo on the boardman, but if I got one I’d have to junk the entire drivetrain as I can’t stand SRAM stuff! Totally personal I know, but I hate the way it functions, and that 2 ring FSA chainset with a 15T gap between the rings (which are only 3 bolt, so good luck trying to find replacements!) just looks horrid…

    For those reasons I’d buy the Cube myself, maybe a bit more conventional (if a fat tubed ally frame can be described as such) but a full 30spd SLX/XT setup would swing it for me I’m afraid.

    You may have no preference whatsoever on the gearing though, swing a leg over both, see what suits. Had a quick look at that Boardman in my local Halfords the other day, and it does look like it should be a tasty ride (except for all the nasty SRAM!) for the money…


    I have upto £1000 to spend on a new bike, I’ve narrowed it down to two bikes:

    Cube Ltd Team Hardtail Bike 2011 –


    Boardman Mountain Bike Pro 2011 –


    My knowledge of mountain bikes is very limited, I would really appriciate some advice on these bikes and would like to know of any other recomemndations.


    my mates just bought the cube and had last years boardman….guessing like you on the bike to work scheme…

    the cube will look mint in the flesh, im not so sure the boardmans stand out that well….

    full xt on the cube with lx shifters over sram stuff x9 any day of the week…

    cube for me!

    both are great value though!


    look at canyon too.


    Don’t buy until you’ve looked at this

    I know it’s a little over a grand but it could save you a lot of money in the future as i doubt there’s much there that you’ll need to upgrade.

    Premier Icon Leku

    Really? The 2 bike listed are 100mm / 120mm aluminium frames and you suggest a 150mm steel hardtail.

    Surely this would be more like it;


    or steel




    And don’t call me Shirley


    I’d definitely take a look at the Canyon range. I’m considering the £750 Yellowstone 5.0 for a mate. Nothing else in his price range comes with anything near a dual air Reba fork. The equivalent Rockhopper (£700) has a Suntour fork….

    Do you have access to Canyon via bike to work though??

    Shame they only do 26″ bikes, i’d be very tempted if they had a 29er offering although i’ve just noticed the massive 66cm size they go up to in their road bikes. Wanders off to consider wasting more money………..


    Last time I looked you can’t get Canyon bikes on C2W.

    If you did I would have one.

    Maybe you could talk politely to your LBS who may place an order on your behalf – but there isn’t any profit in it for them…

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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