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  • 10 year olds fear of choking
  • wool
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    My Son had a choking incident 3 weeks ago and has always eaten well in the past. He has virtually stopped eating in the past 10 days and is losing wight had over fist to the point his ribs and spine are quite clear. Had him down the doctors yesterday and nothing wrong physically, Was told to keep him on mushy stuff and build it up slowly. He now wont eat mushed up weetabixs.
    Anyone else had the same experience of a sort and cracked the problem?
    Tried bribing with new toys etc, ignoring it, fave foods, pleading, privilege removal. Help…

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    To fix the immediate issue of getting enough calories into the kid will he eat soup ? a decent soup, even a light stew that has been blitzed should help with the intake there

    For getting him out of this corner though I would be asking for professional help

    Best wishes for getting a solution

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    Explain in clear and graphic detail the process of being fed through IV and what happens to the body without the proper nutrients, and ask which option he would prefer…(i am not a parent) 😉
    on a more serious note you could always look into a first aid course so that you can all go through how to treat someone who is choking so that “should” it ever happen he knows that you will be able to help and hopefully this will help settle him.

    Ps, i do hope it all gets sorted soon

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    Tell him to btfu ?

    I guess you have already been down the route of telling him he is being stupid? And that if he doesnt eat death is a certainty and so therefore he may as well just eat?

    I’m guessing you have already done you can have whatever chocolate you want etc?

    I’d avoid offering nice ice scream and stuff though as you may not get him back on to solids.

    On the other hand to not eat for 10 days, is quite something and it has obviously deeply affected him. Maybe go for a second opinion at the docs? Maybe he does need professional help.

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    Some sensible advice.

    This is a bit of irrational concern he has, it’s possible he has some other issues going on that he hasn’t shared with you. Don’t tell him to BTFU have a nice sensible chat with him, he’s 10 so very capable of explaining things if he knows you will listen.

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    This exact thing happened to me when I was a similar age, a gulp of water went down the wrong tube and I had a fear of choking/swallowing for ages afterwards. It’ll be psychological rather than physiological. I can tell you what doesn’t help; giving him a hard time about it, making him sit crying in a restaurant for an hour after the rest of the family have finished their meals and he’s had a few mouthfuls, going to doctor/hospital for scans, etc.

    Basically I had to learn to swallow food again, I was very bad for a few months and lost quite a lot of weight but as I was a fat little shit that was good anyway. Cold soft stuff was good, yoghurts and icecream with mashed fruit in there, etc. Eventually my parents let me alone and I had to figure it out for myself but it took me about 2 or 3 years to get back to the point where I could eat a meal without clearing my throat between every tiny mouthful.
    If he’s anything like I was then he will want to eat, he’s just incredibly scared of swallowing and is overthinking it massively to the point where he has convinced himself he will die if he swallows something incorrectly. So bear that in mind when you’re dealing with this.
    Getting angry won’t help, trying to force him won’t help. He’ll get to the point where he’ll get so hungry that he’ll just force himself to eat something even if it’s only a few mouthfuls. But it has to come from him, adding more stress to an already stressful situation will not improve the situation. Obviously if it gets to the point where he’s getting ill over it then you may need to step in again.
    I eat quite contentedly now and could do with going on another starvation diet for a few months really.

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    Thanks apocolipto. Got him to do a bowl of soup this lunch time aprox 10% of whats needed…Doctor dident realy provide a solution.

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    Great advice Apocalypto.

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    If you’re worried about weight loss, there are various proteiny/carby meal replacement shakes available which are pretty palatable and will help keep him ticking over while he gets over it at his own pace. Blitzing bananas into these and getting some veggie soups etc into him will also help.

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