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  • 1 x 10 users…..views for a hilly NW and Zee users thoughts
  • danielgroves

    I’m running 1*10 on my Meta 5. I have a 35 tooth chainring with 36-11 cassette. I do struggle to keep the front down sometimes when the going gets steep, but on the whole I prefer it by far. Simpler, less maintenance (was never any good at indexing the front mech, and difficult to get to on the Metas) and I no longer drop chains.


    1×10 here zee clutch plus 32t on front 11-36 rear with MRP AMG guide

    Hurt for first few rides in Welsh hills, now I love it


    jam bo – Member
    33t works fine in the hilly SW.1000ft climbing/10miles on average.
    Forces you to suck it up and get on with it.

    hmm, but a typical Calderdale yardstick is about 1000 METRES climbing and 1000 METRES descending /10 miles.

    A mate described it recently as “the one place where 1×10 will never catch on”

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    I’m running 1×10 in the Peak with a 33-tooth chainring and 11-36 and it’s fine 99% of the time and 100% of it when I’m feeling ‘ard. About once a week, when I can’t be arsed, I’m tempted to go to a 32. Using a Surly stainless singlespeed ring and a cheap Superstar top chain guide thing on the BB and haven’t had any chain-dropping problems.

    In a way, it’s pretty straightforward: if you’re someone who rarely uses the granny or the big ring, then 1×10 makes sense. If you’re forever spinning up hills in tiny gears then 1×10 is maybe not for you, or not round here anyway, certainly not with a 36 up front, but then you may well be much stronger than me. But if that’s the case you probably won’t be spinning up hills in the granny anyway…

    Premier Icon vondally

    intresting reading, use all the gears coz they are there and using a 34/35 lb coil Yeti 7, 1 x 10 with 32 looks the way to go, but lots to think on

    If you can’t manage your next ten rides without dropping into the granny ring then I wouldn’t go 1×10.

    However, I used to often use the granny ring – but when I forced myself to ignore it I quickly got used to pushing a bigger gear uphill and got better at technical climbing. Went 1×9 after a stint of granny ignorance and then 1×10 when that drivetrain was on its last legs. Was running 32t 11-36, not 33t 11-36. Think I’d struggle with 36t, might be able to handle 34t. Most cyclists can’t spin fast enough and I like how running single ring develops that skill and results in you being in the wrong gear less often.

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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