Ibis Oso – A 170mm e-beast with integrated lights

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Ibis reveals its very late entry into the e-MTB market. The Oso is firmly aimed at the big descents scene, being approved for dual crown forks and up to 190mm fork travel. But if you want to commute home – or just get caught doing one late lap too many – it comes with integrated lights from Lupine. Hurrah!

Ibis Oso Key Details

  • 170mm front travel
  • 155mm dw-link rear travel
  • Carbon front triangle and rear swingarm
  • Available in four sizes S-XL
  • Size specific chainstays (S/M 439mm, L/XL 444mm)
  • S/M: Mixed 29/27.5 | L/XL: 29/29
  • Size specific seat tube angles (S/M/L/XL = 77/77/78/79)
  • Bosch Smart System (motor, battery, display, controller)
  • 750 Wh battery
  • 85Nm of torque, eMTB and Tour+ modes, navigation, optional security and ABS systems
  • Small: Bosch Gen4 Motor & 625 Wh battery
  • Complete weight for a size large is 53 lbs / 24 kg
  • 2.5” tyre clearance
  • Seven year frame warranty, lifetime replacement on bushings
  • Two year electronics warranty through Bosch
  • Shipping worldwide, October 4, 2022
  • Complete builds retail for $10,999

There’s no word on what’s in the name. Oso… Oh, so you finally made one? Oh so massive? Maybe it’s a reference to Special Agent Oso, a children’s TV show, on which Wikipedia says:

Each episode begins with Special Agent Oso in the midst of a training exercise, which he usually fails on his first try, causing him to say “It’s all part of the plan more or less,”


Did Ibis plan to make an e-MTB for a while now, but it took a bit to get there? We have no idea. Frankly though, after last week’s re-branding press release, we’re a little disappointed not to have the full story behind the name. Here’s what they are telling us:

Ibis Oso Press Release:

A whole new sport demands a whole new bike. Built from the ground up to deliver a new level of smooth, fast and durable performance, the full-carbon Oso features our first-ever upper-link suspension dw-link platform. It stacks 155mm of rear travel with 170mm up front and is powered by a Bosch Performance Line CX Motor.

Surrounding that motor, we designed a frame that would allow riders of all sizes to feel equally comfortable. Sizes large and extra-large feature 444mm chainstays and matching 29-inch wheels, while the small and medium get a mixed-wheel setup and shorter, 439mm stays. The effective seat angle is also size-specific, ranging from 77 degrees on the small up to 79 degrees on the extra large, which offers a consistent ride experience across all sizes. We also adjusted the reach and stack height to match our existing models, so the Oso fits and rides like an Ibis. And all frames have a 64-degree head angle. Because enduro.

Our patented dw-link suspension offers an unfair combination of traction and efficiency. And this dw-link was tailor-made to satisfy the complicated demands made by full power eMTBs. We tuned it to be more progressive than anything we have ever made. Thanks to the upper link’s buttery initial leverage rate and riot-ready late-stroke progressivity, the Oso is the perfect platform for a coil shock. Rear travel can be bumped up to 170mm by swapping the 205 x 60mm rear shock to a 205 x 65mm. You can also lift the fork travel up to 180 or 190mm. We’ll even let you run a dual crown. In both configurations, the Oso is stable yet responsive, mimicking the experience of the do-absolutely-anything Ripmo. Except, now with a motor.

The quiet, powerful 85 NM Bosch Performance motor offers the most natural-feeling acceleration since the invention of gravity. It is also the most dependable motor on the market, with a 25,000- mile design life. The motor is paired with a UL certified 750Wh battery (625Wh on small), so you can keep riding, and riding, and riding. On top of that, you get Bosch’s 2-year warranty, a global network of dealers, and excellent customer service. Along with the industry leading durability of the Bosch motor, our suspension linkages are in a class of their own – even in the most challenging conditions. That’s why we offer a lifetime bushing replacement warranty. The oversized bearings, tube-in-tube cable routing, built-in-fenders, and easy-to-remove battery make this bike easy to service.

The frame features countless other perks, like a seven-year warranty, 2.5-inch tire clearance, a UDH hanger, trusted 148mm rear spacing, deep seatpost insertion, and room for a 26oz in-triangle bottle on the medium, large and extra-large and a 21oz on the small. Other subtle touches catering to the Oso’s unapologetic e-bike-ness are its 200mm rear caliper mount, robust frame and motor protection, and cleanly integrated lights from boutique German bulbsmiths, Lupine.

The rest of the components bolted to the Oso were chosen specifically to keep this beast firmly in the reins. A Fox 38 and X2 shock, XT 4-piston brakes, 220mm rotors, and Double-Down-casing Maxxis tires, seated on our Blackbird Send alloy rims. We are keeping it simple and sticking just to that one build kit. Because, like the Oso itself, it is made
of the stuff that we wanted to ride. A thousand decisions, each with the goal of building the most fun and capable adventure machine possible. MSRP is $10,999 USD and will be available Tuesday, October 4, 2022.

That shock position seems worthy of a closer look…

There is a little mudguard in there, but it would be interesting to see how much filth the shock has inflicted on it when used on the kind of trails we can imagine this bike being used for. Golfie laps perhaps?

Integrated lights sounds like a very sensible idea, though would you want a hole here?

There’s only one build option, but you do get a choice of two colours. No word on UK pricing as yet…

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  • Ibis Oso – A 170mm e-beast with integrated lights
  • johnnystorm
    Full Member

    The San Andreas is back!

    Full Member

    It is beautiful!! Selling my kidneys right now.

    Full Member

    How much! No Kashima, no AXS – and worst of all no head tube badge!

    Oh and it looks like it’s trying to channel the Mountain Cycle San Andreas!

    Full Member

    I B So-So is a bold marketing slogan…

    Full Member

    £10,999…mmm 2 years energy bills or this…reading the mood music a bit off much?

    Full Member

    It’s a silly price, I’m not interested in buying an eMTB, but that sure is pretty. Nice to see something different and original looking. Even if it doesn’t have a proper headbadge.

    Full Member

    I like it, especially in that Yeti blue, but is that really the best “integrated solution” they could come up with for the rear light?

    EDIT – also, when the bike is loaded – can you actually see it, or is it obscured by the rear wheel/tyre? I suppose most people won’t actually be using it so it’s more of a gimmick. Back on topic – I still like it. I’d like it more if it weren’t an ebike.

    Full Member

    I’ve had 2 Ripmo frames crack under the down tube guard, the guard on this doesnt even cover the width of the downtube.

    Full Member

    £10,999…mmm 2 years energy bills or this…reading the mood music a bit off much?

    I’m reading this in the dark right now.

    Free Member

    Rush lights man. Work well and some nice smoke.

    Full Member

    £11k and it comes with a mid range build and weighs 52lb. At this rate the petrol versions will be lighter as well as cheaper

    Full Member

    Is that Ibis or IBIS?

    Full Member

    I’m not convinced by the looks but the marketeers have done a good job and I like what I’ve just read about it. No surprise that it’s heavy with that huge 750Wh battery. This made me laugh;

    the most dependable motor on the market, with a 25,000- mile design life

    Mine died at 2700 miles while sat in the garage!

    Free Member


    Mine died at 500 miles ,also whilst in the garage.

    Replacement motor has been fine for 1500 miles so far – touch wood

    Free Member

    That is hideous.

    Reminds me of a Polygon.

    Full Member

    Cirtainly isnt a looker…..

    Full Member

    Oso = Spanish for bear, innit.

    Full Member

    Oso = Spanish for bear, innit.

    They’re saying it’s shit in the woods? 🐻

    Free Member

    Seems to divide opinion. I think it looks great and I would not usually say that about an Ibis. The spec/value ratio is a bit dubious though.

    Free Member

    The IBIS fanbois have been losing their minds over this and the new badge. A few heads have exploded on the FB groups. Interesting design, always wondered what the flex/stiffness is like in rear swingarms like that. Still, 11000 fat ones for a mountain bike will always be madness to me.

    Full Member

    These manufacturers are really out of touch with reality, you can buy a KTM 350 and have change at that price.

    Someone somewhere is making hideous amounts of money

    Full Member

    Here’s the issue I see with eeb pricing for these kind of bikes (£11k example)

    – You have lets say 4k worth of other parts at full retail not including the motor if Im generous.
    – You have maybe £2k worth of battery and motor with a fair wind behind it at retail if there was such a thing.
    – You still have £5k left to pay, and thats when you’re paying retail price for OE parts.

    It makes no sense.

    Full Member

    You may be able to guess that I’m not opposed to 5 figure bikes.

    What I can’t get my head around is when they come with mid range parts. I can build the blingest of boutique bikes for this sort of money (paying, largely, retail I might add), yet you still see these bikes with not top of the range kit. This has a GX groupset. Not even AXS. Mental.

    (Not just Ibis)

    Free Member

    – You still have £5k left to pay, and thats when you’re paying retail price for OE parts.

    brand value obviously!

    only joking – the pricing is clearly nuts, not just ebikes, but a lot of normal bikes too. The cost of sum of the parts is many thousands of pounds less than the purchase price , I know they’ve got to cover their design,development, marketing, warranty , transport, brand value, profit etc etc costs in the purchase price of the bikes, but this level of “fat” in the price seems excessive.

    Full Member

    It’s hideous and way too expensive – as above I don’t expect the total price for a full build to be add all the RRPs of all the components up and then add a couple of grand.

    At £11k!, that thing (ugh it’s ugly) should have the best of the best fitted and err – it doesn’t. IBIS playing on some fantasy credibility/prestige I feel.

    Full Member

    I do think it looks nice, but then again, I recently bought a secondhand blue Polygon XQUARONE which I think (but most would disagree) looks great.

    2019 Polygon XQUARONE EX7 SRAM GX

    Re price, I’m sure, like most companies, they’ve done their market research and not priced it at a “reasonable” price but what they think the target market will pay for it. I’ll never be part of the target market for this 🙂

    Free Member

    They’re saying it’s shit in the woods?

    Very good.

    Full Member

    @Jonesyboy – but you can’t ride a KTM 350 around your local trail centre, bike park or local woods. As a matter of fact you’re pretty limited as to where you can ride moto at all these days.

    I wish people wouldn’t keep making this stupid comparison to dirt bikes. I mean you could buy a second hand car for less than that but you still won’t be driving it anywhere fun (for free).

    I get that bikes are too bloody expensive in general, but still don’t understand all the e bike hate.

    Full Member

    Agree they are expensive, but $4k for a brand new boutique carbon FS frame (say $3k?), 38 forks, wheels, tyres, groupset, brakes, dropper, saddle, bars, stem, grips, headset, bottom bracket seems a bit light…

    Full Member

    That light illuminates the rear tyre perfectly, but does nothing else.

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