New BMC Fourstroke AMP LT to use TQ motor

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New BMC Fourstroke AMP is a 120mm travel Down-X-Country ebike that gets the TQ-HPR50 drive system previously seen only on Trek Fuel EXe models.

Press Release:

Amplified Progress

BMC amplifies the trail game with the launch of the all-new Fourstroke AMP LT allowing riders to hit the trails at speed with the revolutionary TQ-HPR50 drive unit.

Part of the all-new Fourstroke family line-up, BMC pushes the boundaries of its Cross-Country bike series further with a redesigned premium carbon mountain bike frame, optimized suspension and geometry, and added versatility.

The Fourstroke AMP LT hits the scene at speed to perform on every terrain. It offers a progressive riding feel of 120 mm of APS dual-link suspension travel and is made from the same medal-winning core DNA as the other members of the Fourstroke family, but now amplified with the trailblazing TQ-HPR50 drive unit.

“Featuring a redesigned frame and boundary pushing capabilities, the Fourstroke AMP LT levels up every rider’s game for unlimited trail access,” Conrad Glassey, Head of Product Management at BMC.

Hidden Power

Famous for creating speed, BMC is one of the first brands on the market to use this new system in the Fourstroke AMP LT series. The TQ-HPR50 system provides a powerful, light, and near-silent drive unit seamlessly integrated into the frame for an uncompromised look.

Designed to optimize the riding experience, the TQ-HPR50 system arrives with the harmonic pin-ring transmission, accompanied by a 360 WH battery, a 2” fully integrated display, and a minimalistic handlebar remote. Making it the lightest e-bike system in its class and weighing just 3.900 grams altogether, the overall size of the drive unit allows for a ground-breaking and natural ride feel.

“We always make sure to deliver nothing else than perfection. With the revolutionary power and natural riding feel of the brand-new TQ-HPR50 drive unit, we are sure to amplify the riding experience” Stefan Christ, Head of R&D at BMC.

Redefined Capabilities

More traction equals more speed. The updated Advanced Pivot Suspension System features next-level kinematics and best-in-class suspension performance designed to deliver full traction and great efficiency on every terrain. Resulting in faster times, this new and improved full-feature suspension system finds no match on the trail.

The next evolution of Big Wheel Concept Race technology pushes XCO geometry further with progressive refinements to improve the rider’s position for better power transfer and traction on steep terrain, while equally expanding the descending capabilities. The improved 66.5˚ head angle and a long front-end are tailored to a fast and progressive racing style designed to attack the steepest and loosest trails with ease. The 429mm short chainstays deliver power with proven traction on the most technical sections, with the lowered bottom bracket and a steep 77˚ seat angle providing perfect weight distribution and handling.

Design Boost

This trail boosting marathon machine is versatile by design. The Fourstroke AMP LT sports a re-design to the classic frame to accommodate two water bottles on side-entry bottle cages in the main triangle without compromising performance and functionality.

The internal cable routing is guided through the front triangle, lower link and rear triangle, making service intervals a breeze. Allowing you to go far, the models offer a tire clearance of 60 mm to fit modern 2.4” XC tires. An integrated fork stopper, molded chainstay protector and the lower link mud flap protect the frame for improved durability.

Sizes, Availability, and Prices

Fourstroke AMP LT is available in four sizes (S, M, L, XL) and seven models. Fourstroke AMP LT LTD is available from December 2022 and costs 13’999 euros (14’999 USD), ONE is available from December 2022 and costs 9’999 euros, ONE USA is available from April 2023 and costs 10’999 USD, TWO is available from February 2023 and costs 7’999 euros, TWO USA is available from April 2023 and costs 8’999 USD, THREE is available from May 2023 and costs 6’899 euros and THREE USA is available from July 2023 and costs 7’299 USD.

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  • New BMC Fourstroke AMP LT to use TQ motor
  • andyspaceman
    Full Member

    Perfect example of why having a good crayons department is important. I really quite like the purple & black one with tanwalls, but the white and gold one makes my eyes bleed.
    Nice to see wider adoption of that clever TQ motor, it’s a seriously impressive looking piece of kit.

    Free Member

    Aside from costing more than a CRF300Rally, then taking it on a shopping spree at Ohlins, Akrapovič, and 2 months unpaid holiday. It looks like an e-bike I’d actually be interested in.

    Full Member

    Trek Fuel EXe looking ever less ground breaking now.

    Full Member

    purple & black one with tanwalls, but the white and gold one makes my eyes bleed.

    If they’d gone for white/gold and blue/black we’d never know which one they’d actually sent us

    Free Member

    Is the motor user sericeable or maintainable in any way?

    Full Member

    Full Member

    Trek Fuel EXe looking ever less ground breaking now.

    Eh, without getting too much into the argument of whether it <was> groundbreaking, having other things follow in its footsteps would make it look more ground breaking not less, that’s kinda what it means.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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