Bosch launches new Performance Line CX Race Motor (it’s rather exclusive)

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The new motor is snappily called the Bosch Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition and long story short, it goes up to 11.

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Now the long story…

The easiest way to explain the new motor is to compare it to the current top of the line Bosch motor, the CX.

The main features of the CX motor is that it offers up to 340% of additional power (You put in 100watts and it will put in 340% more ie 340watts in Boos or eMTB mode). The maximum torque is 85nm.

bosch performance cx line race emtb motor

Simply put the new Performance Line CX Race motor offers up to 400% additional assistance, the same 85nm or torque but in a package that is 200g lighter than the CX Line.

So yes, it goes up to 11.


So apart from following the rule that more better and more power means more fun, what’s the point? Many experienced eMTB riders will tell you that riding many trails in boost mode, especially on technical trails, can be really quite a scary experience and often less (power), can mean more (control).

The answer is that this motor is not meant for us mortals – it’s for eMTB racers. Yes, eMTB racing is already very much a thing and after my experience in the Tweedlove E-MTB Challenge (Basically a multi stage enduro but with uphill sections as well as down) I can certainly vouch for the concept. Frankly, it’s awesome! (YMMV).

Tracy Moseley is big advocate of eMTB racing and you can listen to her talking to me about her thoughts on discipline in our latest podcast.

Tracy explained and demonstrated the advantages of having more power in a race scenario really very well when she took us (bunch of embargoed journos) out for a ride around the trails of Glentress. As she explained it, in tight hairpin corners maximum power is great for keeping up the race pace but only if you can control it. For mere mortals the standard approach to situations like this is to drop the power down a level or two to something more manageable as you take the corner and then knock it back up to full after the exit. But the racers approach is very different.

tracy mosely glentress bosch cx line race
T-mo explaining how to boost while braking around corners

In race mode you stay in full power mode but you control that power by actually braking as you continue to pedal under full power around the turn. It is unintuitive and kind of like braking in a car while also pressing the accelerator. It’s not a technique that your leisure rider would ever really contemplate but if you are racing it can give you the edge on every turn.

See? I told you eMTB racing is awesome.

So, with techniques like that in your arsenal having a load of extra power at your finger tips becomes quite an advantage rather than a liability.

mark alker emtb challenge bosch glentress peebles tweedlove
Mark giving it the beans on a stage of the Bosch/Trek eMTB Challenge at the Tweedlove Festival: Photo Marc Marshall

Why exclusive?

Here’s the interesting part. This motor uses the same bolt pattern as the existing CX line, which means it’s possible to upgrade your existing motor to turn your current eMTB into a top spec race monster.

In theory!

But that’s not going to happen because Bosch have set some very tight restrictions on who can get hold of one of these motors. For a start they aren’t going to be sold aftermarket. But perhaps more controversially Bosch are limiting the brands that can get hold of these motors to only those brands that have a pro-team in the EWS-E race series.

And furthermore, each brand will only be offered up to 500 motors.

Press Release:

emtb challenge bosch glentress peebles tweedlove cx line performance race

Bosch eBike CX-R_Limited Edition

The new fast – Bosch eBike Systems presents drive for eMTB racing

  • Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition: uncompromising performance for the fastest rides.
  • Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition includes exclusive Race mode offering 400% support
  • New drive unit is Bosch eBike Systems’ lightest ever, supporting better bike handling and maximum performance
  • Limited Edition drive unit is designed for race-focussed eMTBs.

The new Bosch Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition is the culmination of many years of eMTB racing experience, encompassing the Bosch team’s technical know-how and feedback form Bosch-supported athletes across many seasons of professional racing.

The Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition unleashes its full potential in demanding eMTB races with difficult technical passages, almost unrideable uphill sections, and challenging downhill trails. The specially developed Race mode offers direct response and uncompromising support with a low weight, making it the ideal solution for setting new records.

“For us pros, it was a real enrichment to be involved in the development of a product for our competitions,” explains Joris Ryf, Swiss eMTB pro. “The most important thing for me was a drive unit that would get me up to top speed faster and keep me at top speed for longer – and we succeeded.”

The racing know-how of the pros and the experience gained from joint test drives flowed directly into the development of the Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition. eMTB is deeply rooted in the DNA of Bosch eBike Systems. One of the first-ever eMTBs was equipped with a Bosch drive back in 2010. Since then, the company has consistently pushed the boundaries of performance while developing a range of products for eMTB riders.

2014’s Performance Line CX was the first eBike drive specifically designed for eMTB, followed by the creation of the eMTB mode in 2018 which continues to set the standard today. The addition of Extended Boost and Hill Hold features for model year 2023 continue to make the eMTB experience even better.

Early cooperation with professionals and involvement in eMTB sport In recent years Bosch eBike Systems has played a decisive role in eMTB racing. This season alone the brand has supported 60 podium finishes in eMTB races around the world; but Bosch’s commitment goes beyond matching products to athletes and teams. The company has played an active role in shaping the emergence of eMTB racing and has been instrumental in creating the right framework for professional races such as the Enduro World Series (EWS-E). Bosch continues to campaign for clean racing, with uniform regulations and active action against tuning.

Race mode: energetic and direct support for maximum performance The Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition is an exclusive development of the sporty Performance Line CX. The new Race mode offers energetic, direct support up to 400 percent of the rider’s power. Riders reach maximum support faster and can use it to the abrupt lock at 25 km/h.

Only those with precise riding technique can control the direct response and power of the Race mode. The familiar Extended Boost of the eMTB mode has also received an upgrade. The extra thrust is further extended in Race mode so that large boulders, roots or steps are overcome easily and skillfully. In addition, the strength of support, dynamics, maximum speed and maximum torque provided by Race mode can be adjusted in the eBike Flow app.

Lightest drive unit in the Bosch portfolio

At 2.75 kilograms, the new drive Unit is the lightest drive in the entire Bosch portfolio. This reduces the weight of the bikes equipped with it and thus optimises the handling of the eMTB on demanding trails, allowing for more control downhill and in jumps plus easier handling of the bike.

With 85 Newton metres of torque, the Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition offers maximum power for acceleration in all situations, whether after tight corners, hairpin turns or obstacles – which can be a decisive competitive advantage. Even at cadences over 120 rpm the motor provides powerful support, helping the rider to achieve their best times on demanding routes.

The racing character of the Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition is also clear in the design. The magnesium housing has a graphite grey metal finish and stands out visually from other drive units thanks to the logo and accent colours. The drive unit can be perfectly integrated into a sporty, slim frame design and makes for particularly agile handling.

Optimal set-up: Bosch offers suitable components for professional races

In line with the Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition, Bosch eBike Systems has already presented further components for the coming model year, designed to support professional riders in their races.

The System Controller control unit is seamlessly integrated into the top tube, giving extra protection from shocks and impacts. Bosch eBike Systems offers the Mini Remote, which, thanks to Bluetooth connection to the System Controller, can be flexibly mounted on the handlebar to complement the purist control unit. For even easier handling, the button placement helps the rider to keep their hands on the handlebar at all times and easily activate the smart Push Assist, which is almost indispensable on alpine routes. Overall, these components enable riders to progress faster on steep climbs while the integrated Hill Hold function prevents unintentional rolling back. In tight and steep curves, the rollback protection can be used to move the rear wheel and eMTB in a controlled manner. The PowerTube 625 battery is the perfect fit for demanding races and rides.

Claus Fleischer, Business Manager, Bosch eBike Systems said, “As a passionate eMTB rider myself, I know the pain, effort and excitement of the trail well. This is why I am particularly proud that our technology enables athletes to compete even more successfully. The eMTB sector is becoming more and more professional worldwide, and we actively support this development.”

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  • Bosch launches new Performance Line CX Race Motor (it’s rather exclusive)
  • DrP
    Full Member

    I frequently brake whilst also pedalling around corners..

    ergo, I’m a pro, right?


    Full Member

    *walks away from the news post muttering about ‘back in my day’ and ‘what kind of sport is this’…*

    Full Member

    so is it a case of we’ll see a power struggle in emtb’s for races?

    Full Member

    Not for mere mortals ! Coming to a trail centre near you !

    Full Member

    I frequently brake whilst also pedalling around corners..

    Isn’t that a Pro tip for tight flat muddy CX corners? Is that where the CX in the name comes from?

    Full Member

    pro advice: DON’T brake in corners… brake before, roll the corner

    Also, pro advice: deffo brake in corners


    Full Member

    Well Mark.?!? Did you win…??? ;o)

    Free Member

    so is it a case of we’ll see a power struggle in emtb’s for races?

    It already is … it’s basically F1 deepest pockets and hidden cheating (I say “hidden” but race organisers/marshals don’t seem to care if someone has assistance at 30mph+)

    It’s all multiple batteries swapped out as needed chipped bikes and mods, totally pointless even taking part.
    Last race with mates the known cheat won (we all know his bike is chipped)… multiple batteries (why carry extra weight when its a mashup and you can change battery after a few) .. so this is just another level of the arms race.

    Full Member

    Well Mark.?!? Did you win…??? ;o)

    you will find out in this week’s podcast 🙂

    Free Member

    It already is … it’s basically F1 deepest pockets and hidden cheating (I say “hidden” but race organisers/marshals don’t seem to care if someone has assistance at 30mph+)

    I don’t even think it’s that hidden (well, at stuff below EWS level races).

    I’ve been to races where chipped ebikes arn’t allowed, yet people I used to be on a par with (and now on ebikes) are putting huge time into me on flatter stages, yet still similar on steeper stuff. When the average speed is over the motor anyway, you know there is something fishy happening.

    The problem is the software is now really good at hiding if a bike is chipped, so a ‘spot check’ will basically prove nothing.

    Full Member

    *walks away from the news post muttering about ‘back in my day’ and ‘what kind of sport is this’…*

    It’s finally happened Singletrack has morphed into Top Gear, what next stupidly pointless e-bike challenges in far flung corners of the world 🙁

    walks away from the news post muttering ‘do I need to find a new online mountain bike magazine?’

    Full Member

    Why bother🤷‍♂️ just buy one of these then there’s no issues with cheating. And they are cheaper

    Full Member

    If someone on one of those eMTB’s is pushing over 15.5 on flat or uphill, they are either Tom Pidcock, on good drugs or have a chipped bike.

    Full Member

    Iiirc the last thread on eBike racing said it was pointless because it only allowed stock motors from selected manufacturers and this stifled innovation that benefitted Joe Public.

    This thread on eBike racing bemoans the fact that modified non-stock motors are being offered…

    Full Member

    If there anyone left who believes ebike racing has anything to do with bike racing and isn’t just motorsport with the best engine determining who wins

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