Video: Forestal adds Cyon Trail and Hydra Downhill bikes to eMTB range

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Andorra’s Forestal has been in touch this week with news of new bikes filling both trail and downhill categories.

Leading on from news that they would be offering 3 build kit options for the assisted Siryon enduro bike, Forestal has today revealed that its flagship full-suspension bike has a couple of new family members. Those bikes are the Forestal Hydra, a downhill bike, and the Forestal Cyon, a trail bike with 150mm of travel.

As is the Forestal formula, each of these new bikes features high-tech wizardry, self-developed components, and custom software for smooth assisted riding.

Forestal Hydra

Hydra is Forestal’s assisted e-downhill bike featuring a build kit suited to slaying world cup downhill trails. Visually, Hydra is very similar in design to Siryon and in fact, runs similar geometry and 170mm of rear-wheel travel, but the frameset and suspension have been re-tuned.

Forestal calls its carbon frames, Alphabox, and while aesthetically identical to the enduro frameset, Hydra’s chassis has been rejigged to offer a stronger and stiffer structure without adding too much weight. The downhill tuning doesn’t stop there though, as the Twin Levity suspension linkage has also undergone kinematic changes for better full-gas, big-hit, downhill fun.

Of course, the new Forestal Hydra isn’t simply a carbon fibre downhill bike, and in its carbon frame, a 360Wh Aurora battery pack can be found, powering the 60Nm EonDrive motor. Riders wanting more shuttle time will be happy to hear that Forestal will also eventually offer a range extender too.

Other technological features include a 3.2in display nestled in the top tube, fast-charging, a dedicated data connection, navigation and security features plus App connectivity.

Forestal Hydra Geometry

Top tube horizontal571 mm603 mm639 mm660 mm
Reach418 mm449 mm479 mm499 mm
Stack619 mm619 mm632 mm646 mm
Seat tube length420 mm430 mm465 mm500 mm
Chainstay horizontal436 mm436 mm446 mm446 mm
Head tube angle63°63°63°63°
Seat tube angle76°76°76°76°
BB drop-18 mm-18 mm-18 mm-18 mm
Wheel base1212 mm1242 mm1288 mm1315 mm
Head tube length95 mm95 mm110 mm125 mm
BB height360 mm360 mm360 mm360 mm
Fork length601601601601
Fork offset46464646

Forestal Hydra Pricing

  • Hydra Halō: €9999
  • Hydra Diōde: €12099

Forestal Cyon

While Hydra is made to shuttle up hills, it’s really a gravity fuelled bike, whereas the Forestal Cyon is made for the type of riding most people enjoy on a weekly basis.

The Cyon frameset is unique to the 150mm trail bike featuring an asymmetric design which Forestal claims to offer better access to the rear shock adjustments and frees up space for the bottle cage. Like Siryon, the Cyon trail bike is a 29er and will be available in 3 build kits named Halō, Neōn and Diōde.

It also receives a 60Nm motor, 360Wh internal battery, and the same 3.2in display and connectivity options as the other bikes in the range.

Forestal Cyon Geometry

Top tube horizontal577 mm603 mm633 mm657 mm
Reach430 mm455 mm480 mm500 mm
Stack611 mm616 mm625 mm638 mm
Seat tube length415 mm430 mm465 mm500 mm
Chainstay horizontal435 mm435 mm445 mm445 mm
Head tube angle65.5°65.5°65.5°65.5°
Seat tube angle76.5°76.5°76.5°76.5°
BB drop-30 mm-30 mm-30 mm-30 mm
Wheel base1176 mm1203 mm1242 mm1268 mm
Head tube length95 mm100 mm110 mm125 mm
BB height346 mm346 mm346 mm346 mm
Fork length561 mm561 mm561 mm561 mm
Fork offset42 mm42 mm42 mm42 mm

Forestal Cyon Pricing

  • Cyon Halō: €8299
  • Cyon Neōn: €10499
  • Cyon Diōde: €12599

But that’s not all!

In an Apple-style video presentation hosted on YouTube, Forestal didn’t just release 2 new eMTB models, but also a couple of tasty looking city bikes too.

The Aryon and Aryon SC Forestal city bikes both roll on 20in wheels and feature their own mini Alphabox carbon frame, EonDrive motor and 360Wh battery, however, neither can accept a range extender like the mountain bikes.

Aryon is a folding carbon city bike, boasting front and rear suspension, and disc brakes, whereas the Aryon SC (Speed Concept) is a non-folding city bike built for lightweight and speed.

Both Forestal city bikes get the same connected features as the Cyon, Hydra and Siryon, along with app connectivity, navigation features, security features, and also integrated LED lights including a rear brake light.

Forestal Aryon Pricing

  • Aryon SC: €8599
  • Aryon: €10399

We’ve embedded the 2021 Forestal Brand Presentation below, and for more info on the new range of high tech bikes head over to the Forestal website.

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