9 new e-Bikes announced this week, when will we see number 10?

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It has taken us by as much surprise as you that this week 9 new e-MTB’s or e-Bike were announced! Here are the details of those 9 new bikes plus the big question “which will be number 10?”.

1. Commencal META Power HT 24

Commencal Meta HT Power 24
Commencal Meta HT Power 24

Commencal launched its latest e-MTB earlier this week, the only one on this list to feature a Shimano STEPS E7000 motor and the only e-Bike on this list to be designed specifically at kids. The 24in Commencal META Power HT 24 is an alloy hardtail bike running an external Shimano battery, and child-specific equipment from JUNIT including a set of Manitou forks. The 24incher also boasts plus sized tyres and even 100mm dropper post.

We’ve more info and a video of the new Commencal META Power HT 24 here.

2. Nicolai G1 EBOXX

2020 version of the Nicolai G1 EBOXX e-MTB
2020 version of the Nicolai G1 EBOXX e-MTB

The 2020 Nicolai G1 EBOXX is one of the new e-Bikes announced this week that runs the 4th generation BOSCH eMTB motor using a Gates Carbon Drive rather than a chain to get that 75nm of available torque to the rear wheel. This E14 version of the G1 can be fitted with either 27.5 or 29in wheels, and its modular design makes ‘mutating’ the bike to suit your needs fairly simple.

3. 2020 Focus Jam²

updated focus jam emtb
The 2020 Focus Jam comes with either Shimano or BOSCH motors.

The Focus Jam² still comes in a 378wh version with Shimano Steps motor. But this year they’ve launched a high capacity version that not only storms past the 500wh mark to a new high of 625wh but also switches motors to the much improved Bosch CX 4th Generation system.

More details and first ride review here.

4. 2020 Focus Thron²

Meet the all-new Thron.

The Focus Thron² is almost like a watered down Jam² with less progressive geometry, but with the same Shimano and BOSCH drivetrain options. The Thron² appears to be aimed more at riders looking for off-road comfort than all-out performance, but that said it can still handle the rough stuff.


Full details and first ride here.

5. Orange Charger

orange charger emtb review
Meet the all-new Orange Charger.

The Orange Charger is basically what happens when you take the latest edition Orange 5 and add a Shimano STEPS E8000 motor and 8010 internal battery to the mix. The Charger is the latest Orange EPO in their e-Bike range and shares a similar appearance to the Orange Surge. What separates the Charger and Surge though is the amount of travel.

The new Orange Charger has 150mm up front with 145mm in the rear, which makes for an agile and engaging ride. Rear our first ride review of the Orange Charger here.

6. 2020 Whyte e-180

Whyte Bikes e-180 eMTB
Whyte Bikes e-180 eMTB

Whyte has performed a bit of a ‘soft launch’ for its first-ever e-MTB bikes, and rather than listing them on their website has been slowly teasing the announcements on social media. The Whyte e-180 is the big daddy of the Whyte e-MTB range and we believe it has 170mm of coil controlled rear wheel travel at the back and 180mm up front. Both of the new Whyte e-Bikes use the latest BOSCH CX motor system and have large 625wh internal battery packs.

7. 2020 Whyte e-150

Whyte Bikes e-150 eMTB
Whyte Bikes e-150 eMTB with BOSCH CX motor.

As the name suggest the Whyte e-150 is a shorter travel e-Bike option with, we believe, 140mm of rear wheel travel and 150mm up front. This shorter travel trail e-Bike uses an air shock instead of a coil and boasts 75nm of torque from the latest generation BOSCH CX motor system with a motor weight of just 2.9kg. We don’t have the full specs of the Whyte e-Bike range but expect the typical progressive frame geometry and choices of either alloy or carbon chassis.

8. 2020 Cannondale e-Habit

Spy photo of the Cannondale e-Habit
Spy photo of the Cannondale e-Habit

Not really officially launched or announced, but this Cannondale Habit based e-Bike was spotted by our e-Bike loving friends over at eMTB News earlier in the week. As this is a spy photo the details are very thin on the ground and we can only tell you what we see which is a BOSCH CX motor and internal battery a carbon frame with space for a bottle mount and a collection of SRAM components. Expect the Cannondale e-Habit to get an official announcement pretty soon.

9. Pedroni Cycles E-Pard Pro

Pedroni Cycles E-Pard Pro
The E-Pard Pro uses a compact Polini EP-3 motor and battery.

Probably the most unique of the new e-Bikes announced or revealed this week is the Italian made E-Pard Pro from Pedroni Cycles. Pedroni has attempted to build its e-Bike with as many Italian sourced components possible from the Formula Selva fork and Formula Care brakes to the Italian made frame and Polini EP-3 motor and batter system.

The Polini EP-3 system is a new one to us and looks like a very neat and compact design, allowing the 500wh battery to be mounted close to the BB for a low centre of gravity. The system also incorporates a ‘torque’ sensor which attaches to the rear derailleur and means that the motor backs off when changing gear to help reduce wear and tear on the 12-speed drivetrain.

10. ?

mystery ebike
When will we see number 10?

To make this a real listicle we really needed 10 new e-MTB or 10 new e-Bikes, but 9 this week alone is already enough isn’t it? The question still remains though “What will be the 10th new eMTB this month?” if you have an idea of which company will announce a new e-MTB or e-Bike before the end of June let us know in the comments below.

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