Spied: Foes is working on a Made in the USA e-MTB and plan a frame only option

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Foes Racing is a prestigious name in the mountain bike world. The company started out back in 1992 after Brent Foes took a look at bike design and figured he could do a lot better. The Foes brand quickly gained a name for itself in the downhill market and at one point Foes manufactured suspension forks alongside their world-class frames.

Today, Foes still makes a range of downhill, trail and enduro frames in the U.S, and soon they’ll have an e-MTB to add to the lineup as well.

Foes haven’t been shy with its prototype e-MTB and recently posted this image of the bike on Instagram. The post mentions that the current development of the Foes e-MTB has seen the rear suspension gain an extra 10mm, there are new shock mounts, downtube and a new top tube too.

Take a look at the bike for yourself;


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e-frame development update! New top tube, down tube, and upper shock location with 10mm more of rear wheel. #comingsoon #spark #aluminumwelding #madeintheusa #shimanosteps #ebike #eframe #haveityourway #mtb

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Taking a good long look at the bike, we can see that Foes has opted to use a Shimano Steps battery and drive system and that they’ve decided to leave the battery exposed. Foes say that they could have housed the battery internally but they worry that this could cause unnecessary heat build-up and might affect the lifetime of the battery itself.

Interestingly, Foes has taken a lot of effort to shape the downtube so that it follows the contour of the Shimano Steps battery. Follow the lines of the tube and you’ll notice that this isn’t a simple straight profile, but a shaped one that should mean the battery partially sits in the frame.

The rear suspension system appears to be a development of the linkage used on the Foes Hydro DH bike, and while we don’t know how much travel it has we’re guessing a figure between 150-160mm to keep it in line with the 29er DVO Diamond fork fitted up front. Which brings us on to those mismatched wheels, a 29er up front and 27.5+ on the rear similar to the Intense Tazer, and Canyon Spectral On.

A frame only option?

One very interestingly development of the Foes eMTB is the fact that the company claims that they will offer a frame only option. This would open up a lot of opportunities for riders looking to purchase an eMTB but not wanting to by a complete bike

At the time of writing there is no confirmed launch date, but judging by the hashtags we don’t expect it will be too long before Foe e-Bikes hit the trails.

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