Daytrippin’ Kit Essentials

Benji brings you a kit list for a pilgrimage to the mountains, or just somewhere new and far away.

CamelBak M.U.L.E. Pro 14

CamelBak M.U.L.E. Pro 14 Review

“Hydrate or die.” This is one of my favourite ever marketing slogans. CamelBak came out with it in the nineties, and it has a point.

Specialized Gambit

Specialized Gambit Helmet Review

This Specialized Gambit is going to be a controversial one. It is a product I very nearly didn’t include. Why? Not because of its price tag.

Troy Lee Designs Resist Trouser

Troy Lee Designs Resist Trouser Review

I’m happy to say the Troy Lee Designs Resist Trouser completely confounded expectations and have proved to be an excellent.

Unparallel West Ridge

Unparallel West Ridge Shoe Review

Although these Unparallel West Ridge are high-top shoes, I usually don’t lace them all the way up the very top.

Torque Covert 7

Torque Covert 7 Crank Multi-Tool Review

This Torque Covert 7 multi-tool could be better. I’m happy to accept the cost-cutting aspect of it in exchange for the lower price tag.

Gusset Sleeper

Gusset Sleeper Push-on Grip Review

If you suffer from arm pump during rides, forget new bars/forks/wheels/bike, just spend ten quid on some Gusset Sleeper push-ons.

CushCore XC 29

CushCore XC 29 Review

The best solution to keeping the dreaded deflations at bay is a tyre insert. And in my opinion, CushCore XC is still the best option.

Scrub Alloy Trail Wheelset

Scrub Alloy Trail Wheelset Review

These Scrub Alloy Trail wheels from one-man-band UK outfit Scrub are what I’d actually spend my own money on.

Marzocchi Bomber Z1 Coil

Marzocchi Bomber Z1 Coil Fork Review

Time for some more preaching. Coil is better. Always has been. Always will be. Yes, some gravity racers prefer air. Are you a racer? I’m not.

Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station

Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station Review

The Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station is not for everyone, BUT for some folk this thing will be really, really useful to have.

Hunt Proven Carbon Race Enduro Wheelset Review – UPDATED (Cracked!)

UPDATE: 12/06/23 - Front Rim Cracked

Double Yer Money Hardtails: Bike Test

Hardtails are not just for winter, and mountain bikes don’t have to be expensive. Benji looks at what your money can get you.

Voodoo Braag

Voodoo Braag Review

The Voodoo Braag is an exercise in seeing how low you can go with price while still ticking sufficient ‘proper mountain bike’ boxes.

Merida Big Trail 400

Merida Big Trail 400 Review

The Merida Big Trail 400 may not have some of the more boutique brands’ bits bolted to it, but it has absolutely nailed the essentials.

Trek Procaliber 9.6

Trek Procaliber 9.6 Review

Sure, you can ride the Trek Procaliber 9.6 whenever and wherever you like but the raison d’être of this bike is to perform between race tape.

Öhlins RXC34 m.1

First Ride: Öhlins RXC34 m.1 fork and TXC Air shocks for XC

The Swedish squisher\'s new range of World Cup XC focussed suspension comprises new Ohlins RXC34 m.1 forks and TXC1 and TXC2 Air rear shocks.

Merlin Malt 725 Steel SLX Hardtail Review

Merlin Malt 725 Steel hardtail, a great choice for the long distance cyclist after a reliable bike to travel long distances on.

RockShox Reverb AXS Seatpost Review

This review is for a RockShox Reverb AXS seatpost, 31.6mm post diameter with 170mm travel. It has been transferred between bikes and had the saddle changed quite frequently, so the...

7mesh Women’s Northwoods Windshell Review

The 7mesh Women’s Northwoods Windshell is a lightweight, packable layer offering windproofing and water resistance. It stuffs down quickly and easily into its own pocket, with plenty of room for...

MET Parachute MCR

MET Parachute MCR MIPS Helmet Review

This is the MET Parachute MCR MIPS helmet MIPs, an enduro helmet with removable chin bar. It comes in three sizes and nine different colours.

Bluegrass Rogue Core MIPS

Bluegrass Rogue Core MIPS Helmet Review

The Bluegrass Rogue Core MIPS is the brand\'s top end open face helmet. Designed to offer protection in a comfortable and well vented package.

Gusset S2 31.8mm Handlebars and Stem Review

This Gusset S2 31.8mm cockpit combo is great for those occasions that require a higher rise set of bars or an even shorter stem.

Revel Rail29

Revel Rail29 X01 Eagle Review

The Revel Rail29 is the flagship of the brand\'s stable. More popular in 29in than 27.5in; designed for the technical mountains of Colorado.

TruTune MTB Air Fork Insert

TruTune MTB Air Fork Insert review – The TARDIS Token

The TruTune MTB Air Fork Insert is not a volume spacer. It\'s the opposite in fact. The TruTune enlarges a fork\'s positive air chamber.

Production Privée Shan No5

Production Privée Shan No5 review

The Production Privée Shan No5 will also accept 27.5in wheels too but you’ll need to swap the shock yoke to make the conversion.

Troy Lee Designs Stage Knee Guards review

Troy Lee Designs Stage Knee Guards are lighter weight, slip-on style pads offering \"mid-range trail protection in a packable package\".

Pipedream Cycles The Full Moxie review

Pipedream Cycles The Full Moxie is a 4130 CroMo, single pivot, full suspension bike that can be run as a 29er, 650b or mullet.

Ride Concepts Vice Mid Shoe Review

The Ride Concepts Women’s Vice shoes are my current favourite flat pedal shoe, so I wanted to give the Mid version, with raised ankle, a go. The Mids only come...

GT Sensor ST Carbon Pro: First Ride Review

The GT Sensor ST Carbon Pro is a reminder of how capable modern trail bikes are, especially if you get the geometry at such perfect balance.

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