Fresh Goods Friday 670 – Oh, Happy Days Edition

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We ain’t gots time to shilly shally. Nor even dilly dally. We gots to jump straight into this week’s Fresh Goods Friday!

Hello Spaceman! 🧑‍🚀

Back From The Dead Birthday Bike

When it’s just about your 13th birthday and you go to the GT Malverns Classic only to discover that you’re a bit tall for your bike, but you happen to be there with one of the most stoked on bikes people you could ever meet… and then that person has the perfect sized frame donated to their shop… and some XT brakes in their personal collection just waiting for a bike… the result is this! Dieter (writer of Back From The Dead) with a little help from Fahzure, has done more to get Hannah’s Kid2 excited about bikes that Hannah has ever managed. Kid2 thinks Dieter is great. Hannah is waiting for Kid2 to request green hair dye. For now, he’s happy to have this BFTD Special, complete with excellent fonts on the tyres, newly installed stealth dropper routing, and bespoke engraved headset cap. Kid2 says ‘what this bike needs, is stickers’. Hannah thinks it needs purple pedals. We’re off to play in the woods.

Pineapple and Mango SiS Hydro

Pineapple and mango flavoured electrolyte drink tabs from SiS. Our Zoe is doing more gym classes than you can shake a stick at, and we don’t want her to shrivel up. These will hopefully help her stay energised, while Pineapple and Mango flavour may allow her to imagine that she’s actually sipping a cocktail by the pool in some far off land, rather than Lancashire.

HRT Patches

  • Price: Just under £20 a year with an NHS HRT certificate
  • From: NHS

Will Hannah develop new super powers? Maybe it’ll just stop her hair falling out/body sweating/feeling exhausted/joints aching/body feeling like it has been captured by aliens. Maybe all those things are caused by something else entirely. In the absence of any definitive answers, and a long but vague list of symptoms, she’s giving HRT a go. Helpful info from her local pharmacy: there’s an NHS scheme where you can get lots of forms of HRT for just £19.30 a year.

Rawvelo Energy Gels

  • Price: £12.59 for 6 gels
  • From: Rawvelo

The kindly folks at Rawvelo have done us a solid (as some people say) and sent a bundle of gels to Happy Days, home of Dieter of above birthday bike fame. Well, Dieter doesn’t actually live at Happy Days, but he does spend a lot of time and energy there. Anyway, Happy Days is a local bike shop whose enterprise supports a local homelessness charity. And a bunch of folks are going to cycle quite a long way (208 miles) in the ‘Long Way Home’ charity ride. These gels, made using only natural ingredients and packaged in sustainable materials, will be helping give those riders a boost, in the form of tasty fruity flavours.

Crankbrothers Stamp 1 Gen 2 Pedals

New plastic – sorry, composite – flattie from Crankbrothers. Two sizes available. We have the Large here (for foot sizes EU 43-49). The Small covers EU 37-43 feet. 10 pins per side. The pins are actually one solid mega thru-pin that goes right through the whole body of the pedal ie. each pedal only has 10 pins in total. Thin, concave profile; 13.5mm to 15.5mm pedal thickness. Uses the internals from the Stamp 7 flat pedal. Colours: orange, black, red, blue, and purple.

Troy Lee Designs Performance Socks

A classic sock. Primarily made from polyamide, which is known for being quick drying. Mixed with stretchy elastane. 20cm main body. Made in Italy. Could well make it into our incredibly important end-of-year Best Sock Round-up.

Troy Lee Designs 40th Holiday No Artificial Colors Snapback Cap

Part of a collection marking 40 years of Troy Lee Designs. 60/40% cotton and polyester. Snapback for fit. Mesh backing. Shamelessly overt No Artificial Colours badge is inspired by TLD’s early free-hand helmet paint jobs.

Magura x Wolf Tooth 8-Bit Plier & Trail Tool

A real MacGyver multitool combo. 2-8mm Allen, T10 & T25 torx, screwdriver flat #3.5, screwdriver Philips #2, spoke/valve core wrench, valve cleaning file, pliers to open chain links, pliers to tighten valve nuts, storage for a chain link, 8mm wrench, rotor thickness gauge, rotor tuning slot, brake disc wear indicator (1.8mm), gert big yellow tyre lever.

Two cool things from the Saddleback House Show

In a word: HAWT 🔥
Lada Niva 4×4 caffeine dispensary

Stan’s NoTubes Sealant

The bigger bottles of Stan’s No Tubes Sealant come in a none-more Imperial measurement of a quart – which is two US pints, which is 944ml in new money. This is the size you need if you’re a habitual tyre swapper, have a large shed full of bikes, or you want to be popular with all of your bike riding pals. While it does last a while, don’t leave it unattended – otherwise you’ll return, minutes later, to find it completely empty. Just like when you leave your shower gel in the gym showers.

Stan’s Sealant is still the benchmark for sealants. There are newer, fancier ones out there now (including Race, from Stan’s itself) but the original, in this case, is still the go-to for many riders. Though you would have thought that they’d have engineered the hole in the lid to line up with the edge of the bottle. It’s been consistently wonky like this for a decade.

Anyway, it’s nearly time for those long autumn evenings of stripping and servicing your bikes – and putting your ‘Stan’s Monsters’ neatly on a shelf for all to see.

The Beaches of Wales by Alistair Hare

beaches wales book

Charlie says: “This book is such an asset to have with 350+ pages, around 500 beaches, solid information, and awesome pictures. The next trip is already being planned with this book and a glass of wine. The next beach adventure is going to be more targeted and less luck.”

Thread Of The Week

A clear winner this week. Congratulations to reluctantjumper for this peachy posting:

The winning TOTW in FGF gets a prize. So @reluctantjumper please email for your random prize. Don’t forget to include your postal address, as it really speeds up delivery logistics like. Ta!

Weekend inspiration vid

Privateer: “We’re still not ready to spill all the beans and divulge all of the exciting features our engineers have been pouring over, but we felt it was about time we at least made our prototype official and showed you all what it can do under Fergus Ryan, with the help of videographer Will Brock. Before you start clearing space in your garage, it’s important to remember that this is still a prototype, and we’re still in the development phase. Our team of engineers, designers and pro-riders are still hard at work fine-tuning every detail to meet our high performance and durability standards.”

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  • Fresh Goods Friday 670 – Oh, Happy Days Edition
  • monkeyboyjc
    Full Member

    Ah coffee lada – they’ve kept me fueled at many a local race.

    Free Member

    £95 for a multi tool.

    Full Member

    Hope your skin gets on with the patches adhesive Hannah. Mrs S ended up with lots of raised red skin squares. You’ll never be short a tyre repair boot for the next couple of years! 😀

    Full Member

    Dieter (writer of Back From The Dead) with a little help from Fahzure, has done more to get Hannah’s Kid2 excited about bikes that Hannah has ever managed

    Excellent. Photies of the shredding please. Kids on bikes do indeed rock. 🤘🤘🤘

    (As does Dieter clearly)

    Full Member

    40 years of TLD. Blimey, I thought, they were around a long time before I knew of them.

    But then, 40 years isn’t that much longer than I have known of them.

    Ah crap.

    Full Member


    big kid (Dieter) and kid2 shredding!

    Full Member


    I’m jealous of Kid2’s bike, at that age, I had a Rayleigh Jeep that was really too small for me, and my dad’s Peugeot Tourer was was too big and too heavy. It does indeed need stickers.

    I like that Magura multi-tool, the price though…On the Magura website it’s E19.95?

    That Pivot looks ace

    Full Member

    HRT was a game changer for me. I really hope you find one that works for you. 🙂

    Free Member

    On the Magura website it’s E19.95?

    Wolftooth tax isn’t it.

    Full Member

    Was prompted by SO & a friend to watch ‘The Change’ with Bridget Christie. Excellent.

    Full Member

    That multitool does look ace, but the RRP confusion between different websites is significant. 94 quid is a bit spendy, and I’m generally of the opinion that buying expensive tools is never a waste of money.

    Screenshot 2023-09-15 154933

    Screenshot 2023-09-15 155010

    edit – I think I answered my own question. The 19 euro one is the yellow tyre-lever part only. The plier and lever combo is the expensive one.

    Full Member

    Yep, it’s the old add-on trick. From, being the operative word there.

    Tune, btw. Lovely bit of Spiritualized, from a peerless live set. Oh happy days indeed.

    Full Member

    There was more singletrack related collaboration than just me and Fahzure in Kid2’s new whip! The cranks and rear mech were both donations from Singletrackers as well!

    Free Member

    Finally was able to purchase some Lezyne pro plug tubeless repair mushrooms. A masterpiece of card packaging, and 2 tubes of glue (and sandpaper). Was only featured on FGF about a year back.

    Full Member

    My excitement gets blunted a bit if I think about the plastic waste from those energy/electrolyte tabs, and the gel packets. Hopefully the plastic tube from SiS Hydro is recyclable at least. The big tablet brands in the US don’t even have triangle marked tubes. There’s some irony in bike people loving the outdoors but littering with empty gel packets. Hopefully that’s just a US thing.

    Free Member

    Hopefully that’s just a US thing.

    Nope. People are arseholes world wide.

    Full Member

    Thanks for the Oh Happy Days sounds. Today really hasn’t been a happy day- got told I’m being laid off from my dream post corporate bike shop job this morning and I:m going through a divorce so a shitty day so far only offset by a good evening/night ride seeing a mate I haven’t seen much this century and a wonderful song put out by yourselves on Fresh Goods Friday. Been reading Single-track forever keep it up.

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