Fresh Goods Friday 676 – The Pretty Formulaic Edition

by 21

Do the clocks change this weekend? It feels like they do round about now. Hang on a sec…

After a quick search on Altavista using Netscape, I can indeed confirm that the clocks will go back at 2am on 29th October.

What are we to do with this information? Just moan about it most likely. Something something about farmers. Possibly some sort of decimal clock campaign mutterings. Maybe it will cause people to miss their sunday ride meet time. Or will it make them an hour too early? Who knows? No one knows. That is the majesty of the Changing Clocks.

Anyhoo… on with Fresh Goods Friday!

The only formula song title I could think of (apart from several dozen AFX ones!)

Calibre Line T3 27.5

  • Price: £1,200 (£999 to Go Outdoors cardholders)
  • From: Go Outdoors

Well, will you look at that. A mountain bike that is possibly affordable in 2023. Because we, like you, are sometimes a cynical bunch of non-believers we immediately begin poring over the spec sheet and geometry chart to see where the weak links are. Mainly so we can continue to justify the existence of hugely more expensive pushbikes.

What are the weak links? One one hand, they are numerous. On the other hand, there aren’t any. It ‘only’ has a 125mm dropper. But… it has a dropper. It runs on 27.5in wheels when simple everyone dahling is on 29. But… 27.5 rides fine. The fork is only a – heaven forfend! – RockShox Recon. But… a Recon is great for the price and can its guts swapped out over time if youw want to improve it. We do have our concerns about 2.6in Rekon rubbers as we head into November though…

Geometry-wise, there’s even less to pick at. 64ish° head angle. 75° seat angle. 450mm reach on this Medium. 420mm seat tube length. 427mm chain stays.

Formula Selva C 29 170mm

The first item in a fresh delivery of bits and bobs from Formula. Destined to go on to my [Benji] Orange Switch 6, which feels fitting seeing as Orange and Formula have a degree of history between them as partners. Those unfortunate enough to have borne witness to several of my preaching suspension sermons will know that I like a coil. It might be my age but I really appreciate comfort and support in times of need. And that’s what coil spring suspension offers me.

This is a 170mm travel Selva C (coil) fork from Formula. I opted to go up to 170mm travel because Formula forks have shorter axle-to-crown lengths for their given travel compared to RockFox et al. So although I’m running 10mm more travel than the Switch 6 is designed for, the fork length is only about 2mm longer (and the ride height arguably even closer).

As you can see from the pic gallery above, I have an optional (Firm) spring if required (it comes with a Medium installed) and I have a little box of coloured jewels. This is the CTS Compression Pack comprising of seven alternative fundamental tunes. Plug ‘n’ play.

Formula MOD Shock

The rear shock to go with the fork. The spring is not purple, apparently. It is violet. So there you go. This particular MOD coil shock is 205 x 65mm trunnion.

Formula: “The Mod has an unconventional design that, thanks to the CTS (Compression Tuning System) technology, will allow every rider to fine-tune the rear suspension simply and effectively. The High Flow design of the damping allows for uncompromising reliability. Thanks to its large-volume bladder, the Mod manages to have very low friction and excellent small bump compliance.”

Again, Formula have supplied a few optional CTS doohickies to experiment with, including one that is specifically designed with single-pivot Oranges in mind.

Formula Cura Polished with TFRA/FCS Brake Lever

In last year’s 4-pot disc brake group test, the Formula Cura 4 came out on top overall. Pretty much the only niggle we had with it was that we didn’t particularly like the rounded lever blade profile. You’ll notice a couple of things about the pretty Formula Cura brakes in these pics: 1, they aren’t 4-pot and 2, that totally new lever blade. The lever is called TFRA/FCS…

Formula: “The Feeling Control System (FCS) enables the rider to fully customize the lever to suit their needs, resulting in optimal performance and comfort. Additionally, the rider can fine- tune the balance between the lever’s feel and braking power, which was previously impossible with stock levers. In conjunction with the Tool Free Reach Adjustment (TFRA), the rider can make adjustments to the lever without the need for any tools, in order to achieve the best possible feel.”

Formula Rotors

Formula have joined the 2mm tribe. In other words, these rotors are 2.0mm thick, where previously they were 1.8mm. Other than being thicker, the design remain the same. Which we’re fine with thanks.

Formula Brake Mineral Oil & Bleed Kit

Having a proper bleed kit – or ‘kit spurgo’ in Italian(?) – is a good idea. If you have the right tool for the job, not only will you actually do the job yourself, but you’ll do it more frequently and thus have consistently confident braking. We’ve not had much experience of bleeding Formula brakes since the Cura came out but rest assured, bleeding ease will be very much part of the eventual review. A great brake that is a pain/impossibility to bleed properly ain’t a great brake at all.

Madison DTE 3-Layer Waterproof Bib Trousers

Fully taped seams and a DWR coated waterproof fabric. “Designed to withstand strong winds” (more tea vicar etc). Constructed from a 4 way stretch fabric. Pre curved knees and a tailored cut. Strategically placed reflective inserts. Central chest pocket and a hip pocket, both get full closure zippers. Long side access zip, and stretchy quick release straps over the shoulders. Choose from the 3 leg lengths.

Madison DTE 4 Season DWR Gloves

DWR coating (albeit one described as “showerproof” rather than full-on waterproof). Unlined, with a pre-curved shape and tailored grip palm.Cuff adjuster. Low bulk palm. Silicone gripper on the index and middle fingers. Large soft snot, sorry… sweat wipe. Also available in Black as well as this Rust Orange.

Patagonia Dirt Roamer Bike Pack 20L

One of those vertically zipped main chamber packs. Made with 100% recycled nylon. Raised mono-mesh back panel for breathability and does not absorb water. Breathable Regulator airmesh through the hip belt and shoulder straps. 2 litre HydraPak bladder reservoir included accessed viai dedicated side-access sleeve. Top compression strap to help manage a load or carry a helmet. Weight: 676g.

Vee tyres

Apparently this box of rubber arrived at Chipps’ gaff. That’s all we know for now. Keep watching the skies!

SRAM XO Eagle Transmission (Chipps)

  • Price: £1,715.00 (not including the seatpost, nor the beer)
  • From: SRAM

Chipps is going all Transmissiony for winter. You can read our first ride review of SRAM XO Eagle Transmission right now. And/or keep an eye out for a full review of the more affordable SRAM GX Eagle Transmission in an upcoming issue of Singletrack World Mountain Bike Magazine.

Speaking of which…

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Thread Of The Week

Congratulations this week to @kormoran for this hearteningly seedy forum thread…

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Orange Switch 6er. Stif Squatcher. Schwalbe Magic Mary Purple Addix front. Maxxis DHR II 3C MaxxTerra rear. Coil fan. Ebikes are not evil. I have been a writer for nigh on 20 years, a photographer for 25 years and a mountain biker for 30 years. I have written countless magazine and website features and route guides for the UK mountain bike press, most notably for the esteemed and highly regarded Singletrackworld. Although I am a Lancastrian, I freely admit that West Yorkshire is my favourite place to ride. Rarely a week goes by without me riding and exploring the South Pennines.

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  • Fresh Goods Friday 676 – The Pretty Formulaic Edition
  • PolisherMan
    Full Member

    I love that a £900-ish bike is followed by a £900-ish fork!

    Full Member

    The clocks changing every year are another reason to dislike golf; all so golfers could have an extra hour over a century ago.

    The only formula song title I could think of

    Radiohead – 2 + 2 = 5
    Pavement – 5 – 4 = Unity
    Add N to (X) – Barry 7’s Contraption

    …but Wire is perfect.

    Full Member

    Not sure a vertical centre zip is the ideal place for any offroad back pack in mucky weather..

    Full Member

    The only formula song title I could think of

    Slipknot. People = Shit

    Free Member

    I hope FCS has been improved since the days of the R1, R0 & T1. It was a great way of ruining am awesome brake

    Free Member

    fancy those bib trousers….

    Free Member

    E=MC2 by Big Audio Dynamite.

    You’re right to be concerned about those Rekon tyres. I find they are good in such a narrow range of conditions – not too wet or too dry – that they shouldn’t be specced on complete bike. My bike came with them and it basically adds £100+ to the price if you want to ride for more than 2 weeks a year.

    Full Member

    I look forward to Hannah’s review of those bibs 👍 If it’s positive I’ll get some at a more sensible price at the end of this Winter ready for next 🙄 Big fan of the Madison DTE range, one of their advantages apart from being decent kit was they undercut the competition now it looks like they’ve looked around and thought hey we can charge a fair bit more 😞

    Lets hope they haven’t followed Endura and switched to planet friendly manufacturing which results in waterproof kit not being up to the job 😞

    Oh and I thought the same as Polisherman re bike being the same price as the fork 🙄

    Full Member

    Those bibs look pretty decent value as salopettes go…

    Full Member

    Liking the XO but seeing you could get a bike, some waterproof bib trousers/‘salopettes’ (🤣 @footflaps), gloves, and a bag for less makes me wonder…

    Full Member

    ‘Netscape’! That was a revelation. Mosaic with Yahoo FTW.

    Though Ask Jeeves was my favorite pre-Google engine.

    Full Member

    I have the previous generation Calibre Line 29. Apart from a few spec choices (short dropper, Samox cranks and average brakes) it rides really well and was only £850 3 years ago. The geometry is pretty much the same as this one and it rides really well. I only bought it as a cheap stopgap while the kids were babies and I wasn’t going to get out much, but it gets ridden pretty hard nowadays.

    Full Member

    Does the price of the fork include the spare spring and all the CTS bits in the nice little box?

    Edit: I’ve just checked and for 700 quid that shock doesn’t even come with the spring. I’m out.

    Full Member

    Full Member

    I hope FCS has been improved since the days of the R1, R0 & T1. It was a great way of ruining am awesome brake

    It’s changed loads over the years from model to model, including at least one where everyone agreed it was really important but nobody could agree what it did. And a bunch where you could remove it and throw it in the bin. So who knows?

    Quite brave doing a 2-pot though, I reckon a lot of people will just ignore it because of that. I’d rather have a good 2-pot personally, they do the job fine and there’s less things to go wrong but 4-pots are 2 louder

    Full Member

    4-pots are 2 louder

    *Waits impatiently for 11 pots.

    Full Member

    The only formula song title I could think of

    Ahem – as featured by your good self in FGF 668, Let X=X by Laurie Anderson

    Full Member

    Good beer!

    Free Member

    Proof reader required

    Full Member

    The fork coming with a set of machined anodised interchangeable valves, speaks to me.

    Free Member

    everyone agreed it was really important but nobody could agree what it did

    My colleagues work with a bloke like that

    Full Member

    “and no one’s really clear about Tommy’s job description
    But it’s pretty clear he’s vital to the whole damn operation”

    Full Member

    The fork coming with a set of machined anodised interchangeable valves, speaks to me.

    I love this… I mean, I’ve messed with a lot of forks, done shims and custom machining and such (amateurishly) but the idea of just delicately extracting the shiny brain of the thing and swapping in another one… Ahhh.

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