Fresh Goods Friday 664 – World Champing At The Bit Edition

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While we all wait for the World Championship racing to kick-off up in Fort William, let’s take a few moments to enjoy this week’s Fresh Goods Friday!

[ insert blather here while I fire up the BBC iPlayer and see if I can find any coverage of today’s Junior World Champs ]

Kicking off today’s Scottish tunes with some classic The Wake, man

DJI Osmo Action 4 Motorcycling/Mountain Cycling Combo

  • Price: £438.00
  • From: DJI

The latest action cam from dronemeisters DJI is here.

1/1.3in sensor. Improved low-light performance. 10-bit and D-Log M Colour Performance, apparently. “Deep-Freeze Resistant”. Improved battery life. 4K/120fps. 155º ultra-wide FOV. Magnetic quick release (love this!). Can shoot Native Vertical Video for the ‘gram. 360° HorizonSteady stabilisation. Waterproof up to 18m. Dual touchscreen.

Peaty’s Hold FastTrail Tool Wrap & Roost ‘N’ Grind Coffee

  • Price: £34.99 tool wrap, £6.99 coffee (250g)
  • From: Silverfish UK

The whole strap-on business has seemingly died down of late hasn’t it? But here’s Peaty’s wrap. And it looks rather well thought through and constructed, as with most products being The DH Legend’s moniker. Promising “no rattle, no slip” and made from welded-seam waterproof material. A further waterproof zip stash pocket keeps little essentials dry (fancy vehicle keys etc). Comprised of two items: a HoldFast Tool Pouch and a HoldFast Tool Wrap Strap.

Oh, and some ground coffee. Probably not to go in the tool wrap. Roost ‘N’ Grind coffee is hand-roasted by Kickback Coffee in Macclesfield and packed into oxybiodegradable bags. This coffee “has a specific winey character with a hint of citric notes. A very balanced cup with a pleasant aftertaste.” Personally, I don’t see nothing wrong with a little roost ‘n’ grind.

Aeroe Spider Rear & Handlebar Racks

  • Price: £119.99 rear rack, £67.50 handlebar rack, £59.99 uni-mount cradle, £49.99 drybags (each)
  • From: Madison Freewheel

NZ bike luggage brand Aeroe has got themselves a new UK distributor so we’ve been duly sent a set of their flagship product(s) to have a go with. The basic idea with Aeroe stuff is that it fits avery and any bicycle. And isn’t insalet fiddly to install/remove. We chose one of the trickiest bikes to install the system on to: a modern full-fat full-suspension e-bike. And so far, so good. It went on no problem. All the nuts are generally captured (so you can install it without a helper, or too much swearing) and there’s nothing scratchy metally against the frame. There’s some fine-tuning still to be done (this set-up was mainly for FGF pics) but we’re impressed thus far. We’ll let you know how it handles being used in the wilds.

Industry Nine A35 Stem

As Sir Benji-alot is oft found singing around the office: “I like short… STEMS and I cannot lie.” And they don’t come much shorter than this one from Industry Nine. Not in 35mm clamp diameter anyway. This rinky dinky bit of CNC jewellery is a tiny 32mm long. Not only is it super short, it also packs in a bit of rise. Double win! 9° rise. Or 5mm of rise if you’re not au fait with the now-rather-old-fashioned way of describing stems in degrees of rise. Available in loads of different colours. Including silver.

Fox Racing Defend Cekt LS Jersey

Super snazzy long sleeve jersey from Fox. In black, grey and what we’re going to call ‘Fruit Salad’ colourway. Plus a bonus bit of flouro acid green F O X across the chest. TruDri fabric to wick away sweat. Made from recycled fabrics. MTB-specific cut with room for elbow pads, and comes with a drop tail.

Fox FlexAir Race Glove

More Fruit Salad wear. This time Fruit Salad finger garments. Also known as snazzy gloves. Lightweight back-of-hand materials. Frikkin’ laser perforated Clarino palm. Microfiber back of thumb sweat wipe. Silicone printed fingers and thumb for increased control of your er, controls. Stretch lycra slip-on cuff. Touch-screen friendly.

Campagnolo Ekar 13 Hydraulic Ergo And Caliper

Hannah’s husband should join in the ‘What was the last thing you broke?’ thread on the forum. Very nearly brand new brakes, swapping cack handedly to wrong handed way round, and he threaded a thingy in the master cylinder. No spare parts available so he’s had to buy a whole new one. Sometimes you should just pay a mechanic…

Top Secret Pixelated Pushbike

  • Price: £Not Screamingly Offensive For Once
  • From: The Future (Embargo Date)

Don’t y’all be trying any Bladerunner-style “enhance” software to try and work out what this bike is! All will be revealed soon enough. Well, sometime next week anyway. Suffice to say, there’s every chance this bike will shake the market up significantly. Is that what we’re supposed to call a ‘disruptor’ or summink? Anyway, it’s a very interesting MTB.

99p Singletrackworld Membership

Charlie says: “You can now join over 6,000 other mountain bikers at Singletrack from only 99p. That is a one month digital membership offer. You will also find 1/2 price annual membership deals which are better long term value.” Click here to see all our membership deals.

Thread Of The Week

Congrats to kayak23 blah blah Alan Bennett blah blah

The winning TOTW in FGF gets a prize. And it’s the fabulous majestic Singletrack Forum Bottle Opener! So, OCH AY THA NOO! to kayak23! Please email Please include your postal address, as it really speeds up delivery logistics like. Ta!

Story Comment Of The Week

A special one-off award* this week. Congratulations to matt_outandabout for this comment on our Am I Being Unreasonable? MTB Court now in session! member’s content story…

The President Of Faffghanistan

*”award” in this instance is the general thumbs-up from the Singletrackworld Staffers. Okay, we’ll see if Charlie can find some stickers to hurl at you. Keep an eye on the message section in Singletrackworld User Profile page matt_outandabout!

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More MBV Irish than Primal Scream Scottish but hey…

What is Fresh Goods Friday?

It’s Singletrack’s long running, weekly roundup of all of the new products that have been sent in to the magazine.

Where do all of the goods come from?

They’re sent in by bike companies and marketing agencies

What happens to all of the products?

They’re featured and then some are reviewed down the line in either Singletrack Magazine or in online reviews and photoshoots.

What happens to them when you’ve finished with them?

They’re usually sent back after review, or kept on long-term test bikes. But no one ever asks for shorts and shoes back. Trust us on that. Once we were asked to return some brake pads.

I’m a company making the next big thing. How much does it cost to feature in FGF?

Nothing. Nil. Zero. Diddlysquat. Sod all. Just send all ‘next big things’ to us at – Fresh Goods Friday, Singletrack Magazine, Lockside Mill, Dale Street, Todmorden. OL14 5PX. Please note that if you require the products back after they have featured then you are responsible for arranging collection at your cost. While it is our policy to feature everything we receive in FGF if we decide your product is not suitable for publication we won’t do it. Publication is at our discretion. Whether a product goes on for publication as a review is at editorial discretion. Beer, coffee & spirits will ALWAYS be tested.

Orange Switch 6er. Stif Squatcher. Schwalbe Magic Mary Purple Addix front. Maxxis DHR II 3C MaxxTerra rear. Coil fan. Ebikes are not evil. I have been a writer for nigh on 20 years, a photographer for 25 years and a mountain biker for 30 years. I have written countless magazine and website features and route guides for the UK mountain bike press, most notably for the esteemed and highly regarded Singletrackworld. Although I am a Lancastrian, I freely admit that West Yorkshire is my favourite place to ride. Rarely a week goes by without me riding and exploring the South Pennines.

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  • Fresh Goods Friday 664 – World Champing At The Bit Edition
  • BruceWee
    Full Member

    Don’t y’all be trying any Bladerunner-style “enhance” software to try and work out what this bike is!

    Looks like a Session.

    Full Member

    Far better Enhance video mash up:

    Full Member

    Sympathise with Hannah’s husband. Took my Campy Ekar – equipped gravel bike on overseas trip by plane. Opened bike bag to find the little thumb gear lever in the bottom of the bag, sheared off the rest of the brake/shifter assembly. Result: £300 bill as Campy will only sell you the complete shifter and caliper. For what must be a 50p part…..

    Full Member


    rack and cradles look very nice,

    but their drybags are very expensive – could just go Ortlieb for less than 1/2 the cost, or for even less and get bag with loops to run straps through from Alpkit:

    Full Member

    Thank you for using the correct term “champing”, thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Full Member

    That Trek looks great, try harder with the pixels next time!

    Rack looks pretty cool too.

    Full Member

    Another good reason to Never ever buy Campag.  (They’re up there with Rapha for piiish-takingly-expensive + sod all help when (when, not if) it goes wrong.

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