Megasack Giveaway Day 6: Madison DTE Clothing Bundle

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It’s the fifth day of our Megasack giveaway. Maybe you’re planning a mid-winter escape from the sofa? This is the day for you!

Madison DTE Clothing Bundle

  • Value: £449.96 (£199.99 DTE 3-Layer Jacket, £149.99 DTE 3-Layer trousers, £49.99 DTE Primaloft Gloves, £49.99 Flux Trail Jersey
  • FromFreewheel

A whole bundle of ‘Defy The Elements’ DTE clothing from Madison: jacket, trousers, jersey and gloves. You’ll get to choose men’s or women’s fit clothing, and your size. Waterproof, breathable and slightly stretchy fabric for both the trousers and jacket, some insulated gloves, and a jersey to pop on under it all. No excuses if you win this lot!

Madison’s DTE range is its most robust ride gear, ideal for when you know the weather is going to be grim from start to finish. With careful thought, the products feature design details you might normally expect to find only on higher priced products: ‘gold standards, silver prices’ is the aim here.

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  • Megasack Giveaway Day 6: Madison DTE Clothing Bundle
  • fossy
    Full Member

    Possibly one of the best prizes given the current UK weather !


    Full Member

    Possibly one of the best prizes given the current UK weather !

    Agreed, that or flippers and a snorkel.

    Full Member

    Yeah would be well.pleased to win this one. Jacket looks great!

    Full Member

    I think we need more episodes of Disappointing Pies…

    Full Member

    So sorry to hear about Hannah’s pie situation. Sending hugs.

    Full Member

    @stwhannah @stwbenji Any chance of measuring the waist on the size M trousers as you have them to hand? I have some old Madison stuff I like but when I ordered some more recently it was comically oversize so had to be returned. Wondering how the current batch sizes up?

    Full Member

    Not seeing the question, the page isn’t loading properly for me. I’m not asking you lot what it is mind, I’m not as daft as I look.


    Full Member

    It’s good that they’ve avoided plastic in the packaging of their 100% plastic clothes 😉

    (I know it’s still a good thing btw and I also wear 70% plastic whenever I’m on a bike – it’s a shame though)

    Full Member

    My heart went out to Hannah as she regaled the story of the disappointing pie.
    It’s not what a pie should be… Unacceptable.

    Free Member

    I’m holding out for the DTF clothing bundle.

    Full Member

    Madison clothing, like Polaris, is very underrated. I’ve been very pleased with mine, good design and longevity.
    (Can I have my prize now please?)

    Full Member

    Just put my order in for a Stand pie from my favourite maker of pork pies, guarantee it won’t disappoint

    Full Member

    Looks outside, grim. Commute home last night was the same.

    Full Member

    Always felt Madison have been underrated like wheelsonfire but for me their kit seems to be better than Endura now .

    Full Member

    I have a Madison rain coat, it’s pretty nice, although it’s too cold now.

    Full Member

    We nommed down some of the local butchers steak and ale pies last night. I’m struggling to work out if a chickpea pie is merely a solid lump of pastry….

    Full Member

    Whoever wins should check the package methinks. Benji looked awful intrested in those gloves 😂

    Full Member

    Great prize for this time of year, shame it’s not the dungarees though.

    Full Member

    Great prize for this time of year, shame it’s not the dungarees though.

    They sell dungarees? That’s interesting.

    Full Member

    That god it isn’t the dungarees…awful things to get out of if caught short for the toilet! Hahahahaha

    Full Member

    There’s that butchers in Skipton that does the best pork pies ever. Just saying.

    Free Member

    Definately could have used these this evening

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