Falke Merino Wool Tech Tights and Vest review

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Whether you’re just not putting the heating on, or you’re out being active, these Falke Merino base layers will keep you cosy.

  • Price: £89.00 tights, £74.00 singlet
  • From: Falke
It’s a look. One you should probably keep covered.

These thermal under garments arrived in late October, and they’ve been an indispensable part of my wardrobe this winter. The vest (or singlet, as it is officially titled) is in fact a men’s one, though a women’s cut is available. The tights are a women’s specific fit.

The tights are made of 55% Merino Wool, 43% Polyamide, 2% Elastane, and the knit is mapped to fit around the body and give flexibility of movement during sports. The Singlet is also knitted to give flexibility, but has a very slightly different mix at 55% Virgin Wool, 44% Polyamide, and 1% Elastane. The Singlet is meant for warm and cold outdoor weather, while the tights are for cold to very cold.

Whether it’s the knit or the colour that makes the difference, I’m not sure, but the vest would be passable as an outer garment. However, the tights are definitely undergarments only – they’re very thin and somewhat see through. Don’t be wearing them to a yoga class! I like the fact that they’re full length, and a good long fit even on my 32inch inseam – no cold ankles! Another reason to keep the tights as undergarments is to prolong their life – like anything knitted, they’re not friend to brambles and spikes. I would be very sad to put a hole in these, I want to wear them for many winters to come!

What both these items really have in their favour is that they are completely not itchy. I am ridiculously sensitive to wool, and prone to finding itchy what others consider to be super soft. If it weren’t for how cosy these are, I wouldn’t think they have wool in. They’re easy to wash too – 30 degrees in the machine is fine.

Both fit like a second skin, fine and snug enough to fit under most clothes. I’ve worn them on bike rides, just sitting around working from home, at the climbing wall, and they’re coming snowboarding. You can wear them for plenty of days and they don’t go saggy or baggy – a massive plus when it comes to leggings, as far as I’m concerned.


I’ve been the owner of a pair of Falke merino knee socks for what must be at least six years now, and they’re still going strong. If these leggings and singlet prove to be as long lasting, they’ll be well worth the slightly higher price tag compared to some other merino options. However, I do think you get what you pay for when it comes to merino, and if you want the softest itch free fine fabric, then you’ll find it right here.

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Brand: Falke
Product: Wool Tech Tights and Vest
From: falke.com
Price: £89.00 tights, £74.00 singlet
Tested: by Hannah for 3 months
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  • Falke Merino Wool Tech Tights and Vest review
  • robertajobb
    Full Member

    I keep reading this as FAKE merino.

    Full Member

    All those goats, hanging out at car boot sales, passing themselves off as real merino…

    I have been misreading words all day – including Fake merino. Jet lag!

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    Model looking a little coy, trousers still seductively around ankles in case a speedy pull ‘em up and leg it is required 😀

    Full Member

    Mrs Sandboy has been raving on about Falke merino tights for many years.

    Free Member

    Falke stuff is really good

    Full Member

    Mmmmm, merino, mmmmm.

    I find that crawling into a sleeping bag up a hill in an evening is vastly improved by wearing (too)light grey, near see through merino leggings and thick warm green top. Your style may vary.

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    And the only thing more that I want, but couldn’t bring myself to pay the £300 cost, is a Patagucci thermal onesie with hood:

    Full Member

    It’s a strong look but I’m sure you could carry it off

    I’ve got some Falke synthetic 3/4 long johns for skiing, they’re excellent. I’m not that convinced their walking socks are that good though. Which is weird as they are a hosiery company

    Full Member

    Not sure I have tried Falke. I have a mix of Icebreaker, Ullvang and Woolpower. Some of my Icebreaker is getting really old an tatty now, so maybe a good time to look at alternatives.

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