Website Update: Forum Thread Notifications Are Back!

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Our Tech Team has been working hard, and has a little functionality update for you:

Too many moons ago we took the draconian step to remove the ‘Subscribe to a Thread’ Forum feature. Now, it’s back!

What is this feature?

It lets you get notifications when someone contributes to a Forum thread you ‘subscribe’ to, so if you’re interested in getting updates on a thread you don’t need to keep checking back to see who last posted to it.

Why did you pull the feature?

Previously, this feature made way too many emails. Some people, forgetting they subscribed to a topic, took umbrage and some email abuse complaints were made. Some members got loads of emails, especially if they subscribed to a whole forum.

But, now it’s back? How do I use it?

It’s back, in a slightly revised form. Here’s how to use it.

To follow a topic you are interested in, click on the ‘subscribe’ button on that page.

When a reply has been made to that topic your account icon will display a scarlet dot. You’ll have a notification. Follow the notifications link.

I want to stop following that topic, how do I do that?

Follow the link to you profile page and find the ‘Forum’ menu. There will be a list.

Click on the x to stop following any threads you’re done with.

What if I am tired of these notifications altogether and don’t want them in my life and can’t be bothered to remove them all?

In your account you can toggle the subscription notifications in the ‘Web notifications’ section.

I want to tell you what I think about this feature!

You can respond to this story in the comments thread.

Help! I’ve got a tech problem!

Email the tech team. But only if it’s about our site, they’ve got quite enough on their plate without helping you with your kids’ homework, your laptop security, or resetting the password to your Netflix account.

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  • Website Update: Forum Thread Notifications Are Back!
  • appltn
    Full Member

    I noticed this yesterday and am very appreciative to see it reinstated.

    I have an enhancement request. Would it be possible to have all thread notifications automatically clear when I view the thread?

    Currently I get a notification for every new post on a thread and I’ll only click through to the thread from one of them, leaving any other notifications unread. My choices are to manually resolve them all or to accept the red dot will permanently be present which in turn will bury any actual new thread activity.

    Full Member

    when you click on ‘Notifications’ From your profile icon you will get to the list of notifications. Top right are three dots. Click those and you will get some universal options, like ‘Clear all’. You don’t need to resolve each notification then.

    Full Member

    @appltn That is a really good idea. Thanks for the feedback. We’ll look at getting that implemented.

    Full Member

    @tommathy – I think that update broke the formatting at the top of threads.

    That’s in Portrait on my Android/Chrome. Work OK in Landscape on the same phone and is OK on Windows PC.

    Full Member

    @tommathy – I think that update broke the formatting at the top of threads.

    Same. This on my Android phone. It’s fine on my Chromebook.

    Full Member


    Same formatting issue on Android and the missing O on Overview.

    Also, in the profile section where you can see replies on the threads, alternate thread titles are very hard to read against the background…

    Free Member

    This is my favourite new feature

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