Cheap Things Tuesday: Workshop Tools Edition

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This week’s roundup of discounted deals focuses on tools. Not multi-tools. Nor commonly owned tools. The tools listed here are your next level sort of tools. Tools you possibly do not own currently but have thought about getting at some point. Torque wrenches, toolkits, proper workstands, bearing presses and such like.

There are button links below each item summary with ‘See Deal at…’ written on them. These buttons – and the header links and linked pics – click-through to retailers. Should you end up buying from these retailers then Singletrack may earn a small bit of commission. This does not alter the amount you pay by the way.

BBB TorqueFix Torque Wrench was £79.96, now £52.00

BBB TorqueFix Torque Wrench

Description: “The wrench has a 14Nm range, from 2 to 14 Nm which pretty much covers the whole of your bike. The wrench is adjustable with small increments so that you can reach the perfect tension. The torque set comes with Hex keys 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and T25 & T30 torx included which is almost every bike specific screw head.”

LifeLine Home Mechanic Workstand Including Mat was £89.99, now £58.99

LifeLine Home Mechanic Workstand Including Mat

Description: “The LifeLine Home Mechanic Workstand is a professional quality workshop workstand with multi adjustable quick release head. Wide angle folding legs create a wide stable platform when being used and fold away for compact storage and easy transportation.”

Birzman Studio Tool Box was £449.99, now £325.00

Birzman Studio Tool Box

Description: “The Birzman Studio Tool Box is a collection of essential tools for high-quality bike maintenance designed to give the mechanic or home tinkerer an efficient and professional quality tool kit. Designed to make sure every job carried out is done to the highest standard, the Essential Tool Box includes 37 carefully selected tools in a spacious and well laid-out box to give you the best in quality tool for the job at hand.”

LifeLine Home Mechanic Wheel Truing Stand was £79.99, now £59.50

LifeLine Home Mechanic Wheel Truing Stand

Description: “The key to this portable stand is the foldable design which allows for compact storage/ transportation, quick and easy set up and accurate truing thanks to the wide stable base and adjustable precision truing caliper. It is easy to adapt for front or rear wheels thanks to our flip-able dropouts and it accepts any wheel size from 16” to 29” with or without the tyre fitted. (Please note that this design can only take up to 135mm hub widths.) The precision truing caliper allows for accurate wheel truing from side to side to remove buckles, ensure the wheel is dished correctly and it can simultaneously check for up and down movement to ensure the roundness of the wheel.”

Park Tool QTH-1 Quick Change Bit Driver Set was £74.99, now £56.26

Park Tool QTH-1 Quick Change Bit Driver Set

Description: “The Park Tool QTH-1 Quick Change Bit Driver Set is an ergonomic T-handled bit driver equipped with eight common bits to fit a wide variety of fasteners and fittings found on the majority of bikes.”

PRO Starter Toolkit was £139.99, now £112.00

PRO Starter Toolkit

Description: “The Pro Starter Toolkit contains 11 tools and is perfect for the home mechanic, containing all the tools you need to do most maintenance and service tasks. This toolkit contains the following tools: Cassette removal set, Chain tool, Pedal wrench, Cable cutter, Tyre levers, Y wrench, 2/2.5/3 Allen keys, Y wrench, 4/5/6 Allen keys, Quick link took.”

LifeLine X-Tools Pro Rolling Toolbox was £79.99, now £64.00

LifeLine X-Tools Pro Rolling Toolbox

Description: “The X-Tools Rolling Tool Case is a perfect tool storage and transportation solution for the home mechanic, professional and race enthusiast. Featuring detachable wheels and carrying handles, plus a removable tool tray, this case is a versatile all-rounder.”

Park Tool HHP3 Home Mechanic Bearing Cup Press was £100.00, now £70.00

Park Tool HHP3 Home Mechanic Bearing Cup Press

Description: “The Park Tool HHP3 Home Mechanic Bearing Cup Press is a simple and economical home mechanics tool. The HHP3 is designed to install all sizes of head cups and one-piece bottom bracket cups.”

Muc-Off Pressure Washer Bike Bundle was £169.99, now £144.99

Muc-Off Pressure Washer Bike Bundle

Description: “Bicycle Bundle Includes: Pressure Washer, Pressure Washer Bag, Snow Foam Lance, 1L Nano Tech Cleaner, 1L Nano Tech Concentrate, Bike Protect, Microfibre Polishing Cloth.”

Birzman Specialist 4 Piece Wrench Set was £129.99, now £69.49

Birzman Specialist 4 Piece Wrench Set

Description: “Specialist Wrench SetThe specialist wrench design utilises a simple and yet ergonomic shape in concert with hardwearing materials (Cro Moly steel and TPR) to create a highly functional durable and attractive design.”

Delta Gravity Two Bike Rack was £109.99, now £79.00

Description: “Easy to use ceiling hoist holds bicycles, kayaks, ladders etc to maximise your storage. Two-bike gravity stand simply leans against wall. Independently adjustable arms allow for any bike to be stored. Premium silver powder coated finish. Easy to assemble – tools included. Maximum load 80lbs (36kg). Dimensions approx: 213x50x40cm.”

Park Tool Advanced Mechanic Toolkit AK-5 was £449.99, now £249.00

Park Tool Advanced Mechanic Toolkit AK-5

Description: “Park Tool have put together this set of carefully chosen tools to do basic maintenance and cleaning as well as perform a wide variety of repairs and adjustments on just about any bicycleA perfect way to start or add to your collection of shop quality bicycle tools. Now includes the latest volume of the Big Blue Book, BBB-4The AK-5 includes a tough toolbox to protect your investment.”

LifeLine Pro Bearing Press Set was £149.99, now £119.99

LifeLine Pro Bearing Press Set

Description: “Perfect for home workshop use, this set features bearing gauges and adaptors that are specifically designed to suit all common bearing sizes used on bikes. It also comes with a pair of stainless-steel handles and a threaded axle for straightforward maintenance. In addition, all its bearing gauges and adaptors are made from 6061 aluminium for maximum durability and strength. Lifeline has also housed all of the set in a presentation case, so you can keep everything together and easily store it.”

NB: These deals will expire!

Deals do not last forever. Stuff sells out. Retailers end promotions. Deals just… end. With that in mind, please check the date when this edition of Cheap Things Tuesday was published (it’s up at the top near the headline). If this edition was published a few days/weeks/months ago, chances are not every deal is going to still be live.

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  • Cheap Things Tuesday: Workshop Tools Edition
  • JefWachowchow
    Free Member

    I like Park Tool stuff. Nothing says I care about your bike more than RAL 5010.
    However, please do not buy that headset puller. I bought one many years ago and it proved to be far worse an proposition than the piece of wood and mallet option.
    I have now replaced with a far cheaper headset puller from another manufacturer with staged pulling plates that fit into most of not all headset cups.

    Free Member

    I’ve got the Lifeline workstand which has given many years of service, good piece of kit.

    Full Member

    That Lifeline rolling tool box and bearing press set look good…I’m not needing them, but there is a pull towards them!

    Free Member

    However, please do not buy that headset puller.

    Do you mean the headset press?

    I’ve got exactly the same wheel truing stand, cost about £25 on ebay. I’d say pay more and get a better one tbh. Does the job, but not brilliant (especially with thru-axle wheels)

    I need a crown race puller. Any bargain recommends?

    Free Member

    That Lifeline rolling tool box and bearing press set look good

    I have the toolbox, think I paid £45 a few years ago in another sale.

    Wasn’t too impressed at first, thought it was a bit small and fiddly, but it’s turned out to be very handy for my most-used tools.

    The lid cracked quite quickly on mine and they gave me a full refund, but I’m still using it.

    Full Member

    TBH none of those kits look like good value. Actually that’s a bit weak- they all look like bloody awful value. The lifeline one’s about £50 worth of tools- decent, usable tools but still. The Birzman looks a nice set but very expensive. Kits are always chancy but these don’t look good at all to me.

    (Lifeline has other better options, and as much as I hate On One, the Jobsworth kits are better too. Decathlon’s is alright. All cover the basics at a lower price which is basiclaly what a bike kit should do)

    Quite like that roller case, no idea if it’s a good buy but, well, I am now looking at roller cases to see if it is!

    Free Member

    The “Pro” toolkit looks like daylight **** robbery even at the “cheap” price of £112.

    Bit of a lazy, crap list IMO.

    Full Member

    That Park quick change tool is way cheaper on Amazon

    Amazon Link

    Full Member

    My pedant gland is itching….

    14Nm range, from 2 to 14 Nm

    That’s not a range of 14Nm…

    Please note that this design can only take up to 135mm hub widths.

    So, it’s a front wheel truing stand?

    Full Member

    The headset press – pretty sure that’s just the handle and you need the specific cups for the headset or bottom bracket.

    I have some Park bottom bracket cups, and just use a length and of threaded bar, a couple of nuts, washers and spanners. I’m not a averse to buying decent tools, but even 70 quid for that is daylight robbery.

    Free Member

    So, it’s a front wheel truing stand?

    I’ve managed to build 2 rear wheels with mine. Just needed an axle adapter and a qr. (But as I said, it cost nowhere near £58)

    Free Member

    I have the X-Tools press, far better than that Park one.

    That truing stand doesn’t look great either.

    Full Member

    I have a rubber mallet, better than any headset press I’ve ever used! (I’ve also got a 10 ton press but that’s only for really big headsets)

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