PSA: Beware of fake DMR and FSA websites

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We’ve been contacted by our good friends over at Upgrade Bikes, the home of DMR, about fake websites bearing the DMR name. Read on for info, and make sure you know which site to go to.

From Upgrade / DMR:

Beware Fake DMR Websites

It has come to our attention that a direct-to-consumer website is using our brand name, identity and products without permission, and consumers should stay well away –

This website is using our brand name, logo and product photos without our permission and potential buyers should beware – they also claim to hold in stock products we are not aware of.

We would like to remind you that the official website for DMR Bikes is

Any other website using our name or wordmark without permission is to be considered unsafe and we strongly advise against their use.

DMR Bikes and products are sold only via authorised international distributors and approved retailers.

Thanks for your time.


We’ve also been made aware of a similar issue with FSA components. Here’s their update on which sites to use:

From FSA:

Recently, we have noticed an increase in websites and e-commerce sites that are falsely and deliberately referring to FSA and VISION without authorization. We would like to remind you that the only official company websites are:

Any other site, which uses names like our brands, is to be considered unofficial and we do not consider these sites to be safe sales channels and advise against their use.

FSA and Vision products are sold only through our official distributors, authorized retailers or through our corporate sites listed above.

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