NBD: Starling, Boardman, Magura, We Are One, Silca, WPS, Scrub

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New Bike (and bike stuff) Day! Last week’s tech news roundup went down well so… let’s have another one. New bikes from Starling and Boardman plus new bits from Magura, Silca and WPS (aka J-Tech).

Kicking things off, here’s news on the third generation of Starling full sussers…

Starling press release:

The Next Evolution in Starling Cycles Frame Designs

Badged as ‘Version 3’, these latest-gen frames see a number of subtle but significant updates to their design that push the frames forward in terms of their on-trail performance, ease of maintenance and robustness.

Trail and Enduro Modes On All Frames

The most significant change is that all frames can now be configured into ‘Enduro’ and ‘Trail’ modes using an adjustable shock mount.

Customers need simply choose their mode when they order, and should they decide to change they’ll need to switch suspension but won’t need a completely new frame.

These updates mean that frames now offer the following rear travel:
Murmur – 135mm or 150mm
Twist – 135mm or 165mm
Swoop – 130mm or 160mm

Updated Geometry

The seat angle has been steepened for an improved pedalling position and, based on feedback, the BB has been raised a touch to add a little more clearance and a little more manoeuvrability to our very stable geometry. V2 geo received plenty of praise from riders and the media and these light-touch updates simply refine those numbers to be even better.

New Colours

Starling now has a whole heap of colour options to create your one-of-a-kind dream boat. Customers can choose a ‘standard’ grey front triangle with black swingarm or upgrade and pick from 10 colours, including four premium metallic paints and three graphics options.

And More…

There’s also now a stronger, anti-flare headtube to keep your frame safe when you’re really, really sending it (or forgetting to keep your headset tight).

There’s a neater and better-looking cast main pivot part and there’s an even easier-on-the-eye asymmetrical headtube gusset.

Last but not least, we’ve made the big move to shift the main pivot bearing into the swing arm. Previously located in the frame, placing the bearing in the swing arm makes maintenance easier and offers a wider and more robust interface.


Next up, Boardman have given their kids bike range a spruce up…

Boardman press release:

Boardman back with a junior range for the first time since 2014

The JNR (junior) range comprises six models, each with the goal of getting kids outside, cycling and exploring whilst supporting their developmental progression. From those first freewheeling forward movements on the 12” balance bike to the pride of mastering pedalling and going faster than before on the 20”, to a family adventure venturing further on the 26”, Boardman have carefully considered every aspect of each bike’s fit and function. Lightweight triple-butted alloy frames with smooth welds and metallic paint finishes follow the design principles of the adult range. The ergonomic touchpoints, carefully considered componentry and assured geometry ensure they ride as good as they look.

Of the six models, five are inspired by Boardman’s HYB (hybrid) range, which makes for a versatile bike at home on tarmac, grass or gravel. Weight is kept low, and there has been a real focus on size-specific components, such as brake levers, handlebars and saddles, to make developing cycling skills intuitive and enjoyable. The final model in the range is a 26” wheeled version of the award-winning adult’s ADV (adventure) range with drop handlebars allowing kids to ride faster on mixed terrain as they explore further.

“Whether for fun or exercise; transport or to be social, I passionately believe that bikes enhance our lives. So I’m absolutely delighted to be bringing out this junior range, as our my grandchildren.” – Chris Boardman MBE

Boardman JNR 12” Balance RRP £180

Boardman beginnings, providing little ones with the cycling foundations they can build on as they grow and gain confidence.

Boardman JNR 16” RRP £280

With design cues lifted and adapted from the adult HYB hybrid range, the JNR 16” provides the perfect progression from balance bike to pedal bike.

Boardman JNR 20” RRP £340

A light, triple-butted alloy frame and alloy fork make the bike easy to pedal and balance. Ample stand over clearance and a long wheelbase means the bike is easier to get on and off and more stable and predictable when riding.

Boardman JNR 24” RRP £380

The JNR 24” shares many of the same attributes as the JNR 20”. A lightweight alloy frame and fork, V-brakes with short-reach levers for smaller hands, a junior-specific saddle and fast-rolling tyres are all there to inspire confidence and make the cycling experience engaging and enjoyable.

Boardman JNR 26” RRP £420

The JNR 26” is the culmination of Boardman’s flat bar junior range. Sleek, lightweight and confidence-inspiring, yet practical and versatile. The JNR 26” is a premium adult bike, just in a smaller size.


Magura have announced a new version of their electronically operated dropper seatpost…

Magura press release:

MAGURA presents the new VYRON MDS-V3

MAGURA presents a completely new development of the wireless seat post with this third evolutionary stage of the VYRON. Thanks to its intuitive operation, lightning-fast response and extension speed, and high level of resilience with IP67 certification, the new VYRON MDS-V3 is now even more user-friendly and reliable.

Six years ago, MAGURA ushered in a new era of electronically controlled bicycle components. The MAGURA VYRON was the first Vario seat post on the market to be equipped with wireless remote control and has received several awards since then.

This third evolutionary stage of the VYRON was developed from scratch. It sets new standards for intuitive operation, resilience and speed.

New, intuitive operation

The seat post and the remote have been redesigned from the ground up. The VYRON MDS-V3 remote can be ergonomically placed on the underside of the handlebar, just like the gear lever on the right-hand side. It’s easily accessible with the thumb and can be optionally mounted on the brake master with the MAGURA Shiftmix clamp. An aluminium protective ring ensures high resistance to impacts or falls.

Communication between the remote and the seat post is lightning-fast and instantaneous via Bluetooth, and the intuitive operation of the new VYRON MDS-V3 is similar to that of conventional, wired seat posts – the seat post will adjust for as long as the operating lever on the remote is actuated by the thumb.

A high level of resilience and IP67 certification thanks to the new battery concept

Mud, moisture and dirt are the enemies of all electronics. To protect the control unit, the new VYRON MDS-V3 dispenses with a charging socket, relying instead on a sealed battery cover. A replaceable CR2 lithium battery with a service life of at least one year is used for the power supply. Thanks to this pioneering battery concept, the new VYRON is IP67-certified and will even survive brief immersions in water – so it’s ready for the most challenging days on the trail.

New hydraulics for more speed

The hydraulics inside the seat post are also uncompromisingly designed for speed. The wholly redesigned inner workings of the post and a new, faster actuator ensure a perfect flow of oil between the hydraulic chambers. The result is a seat post that adjusts downwards at lightning speed when riders need it most.

The MAGURA MDS-V3 is available in two diameters and four travel variants (100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm & 175 mm). By changing the inner tube base, the travel of the seat post can be easily adjusted from 175 to 150 mm and from 125 to 100 mm. This saves money, increases flexibility and ensures that the VYRON can also be quickly and easily mounted on other bikes.

The RRP of the MAGURA VYRON MDS-V3 is €579.90 (incl. 19% german VAT). It can be ordered from specialist bike shops from November 21st and is expected to be delivered from December. Start of sale exclusively in europe.

Technical details:
MATERIAL: aluminium
LENGTH: 396 / 421 / 446 mm / 471 mm (depending on the travel variant)
ADJUSTMENT RANGE: 100 mm / 125 mm / 150 mm / 175 mm
TRAVEL OPTION: from 175 to 150 mm / from 125 to 100 mm
SADDLE POSITION: 0 mm setback
BATTERY: replaceable | CR2 in seat post, CR2032 in remote
BATTERY LIFE: roughly one year of use
REMOTE CONTROL: Wireless remote control
MOUNTING: Compatible with single clamp, MAGURA Shiftmix & SRAM Matchmaker
DUST AND WATER SEALING: IP67 rating (protected against dust and brief immersion in water)
Weight: 700 g (seatpost) / 40 g (remote) ; +/- 5%; w/o batteries
RRP: €579.90 (incl. 19% german VAT) / £492.92


Amd now some details of some new carbon rims from We Are One…

We Are One press release:

We Are One Composites Convergence Rim Launched

We Are One is pleased to announce the release of the new Convergence mountain bike rim — a leap forward in technology that surpasses their current top-of-the-line rim in three key areas: impact strength, interface, and ride feel.

“With two years of continuous improvement — through testing, making, and perfecting what would make the best carbon fibre rim — we are ready to share Convergence with the world!” said Dustin Adams, Founder and CEO.

Impact Strength

With more impact strength, it’s possible to ride harder and faster than ever before. Convergence is We Are One’s strongest rim yet — 32% stronger than the Union 29 rim. The design team innovated from the ground up, focusing on single-wall impact failures and reinforcing critical areas using ZRT composite films from Boston Materials.


By adapting to the trail, Convergence delivers a quieter ride and more grip on rough terrain. This was achieved by evolving the rim’s shape in a way that radically changes how the spoke nipple and rim interact. The new design features 7.5-degree alternating faces that reduce fatigue on the nipples and spokes and give the rim outstanding durability.

Ride Feel

Convergence’s radial and lateral stiffness have been fine-tuned to reduce vibration and ensure a smoother ride experience. The team followed the data, which showed that they could achieve the ideal stiffness and dampen trail chatter by reducing the rim depth, reworking laminate orientations, and adjusting the materials.


And from shiny black rims to shiny other stuff from Silca (can wax be shiny? We think so)…

Silca press releases:

Silca Hot Wax X

• Saves up to 12w
• 300g/10.5oztin
• Clean to the touch on the chain
• No PFAS chemicals
• Get up to 30,000 km / 18,600 miles out of a chain

From extensive testing during the Hot Wax development, Josh Poertner, President of Silca, tried all possible friction modifiers including Graphene. Sadly, he found that this ‘wonder material’ generally made little to no difference in performance despite its very high price.

That was until a trip to the original source of Graphene, Versarien PLC, a company formed from the partnership between the University of Cambridge and the University of Manchester (where graphene was discovered) and is one of only three graphene producers in the world to be certified by the Graphene Council as producing true graphene. Versarien produces the highest purity graphene in the world which they call NaneneTM.

“From our first test with NaneneTM, we knew that real Graphene was indeed, the future.” Says Josh, “Everything we could throw at it showed it excelling over our existing technologies, and that says a lot when our Secret Chain Blend Hot Wax is already considered to be the fastest and lowest wearing lubricant in the world as independently tested by numerous third-party laboratories including ZeroFrictionCycling and Tour Magazin Germany.

The Results? Hot Wax X with NaneneTM runs roughly 0.5 watts faster than Secret Blend while also extending the intervals between application to as much as 800km, making it not only faster, but faster for longer than other ultra-high performance chain lubricants.

Silca Terra Pump

Using a revolutionary new non-linear gauge scale technology, the Terra pump uses custom gauge internals which allows for 0.5 psi precision at the low end of the range climbing to 2 psi precision at the high end of the range (120psi). This unique design allows the gauge to achieve 120 psi overall capability; yet 50% of the gauge face contains 0-30psi (0-2.1bar).

Terra maintains SILCA’s famous all metal construction with lathe turned Ash wood handle; but breaks the traditional SILCA mould with a unique lever operated chuck based on SILCA’s own award winning Tattico mini pump chuck design. This full metal chuck uses a threaded reversible end cap to switch between Presta and Schrader and contains an inline pressure bleed button.


Light-weight, aluminium base and barrel
Precision, heavy-duty 3” (76mm) gauge featuring the Multi-Scale Gauge technology
Full-size Ash wood handle with hose guide
Locking, aluminium reversible chuck with bleed button: Schrader or Presta
Rated to 120 psi

Silca Eolo

Now into its fourth iteration, the new EOLO 4 CO2 Regulator packs some interesting tech into a tiny T-shaped package.

The new design now comes in two flavours: Green/Grey and Red/Black, but this is no mere veneer change as there is a new mechanism for controlling the gas flow and a new valve fixing, making it easier to control inflation and store.


WPS is an all-new suspension upgrade, parts and tuning brand from the people at J-Tech Suspension.

WPS press release:

From the bicycle suspension wizards at J-Tech Suspension in Shropshire comes the all-new brand; WPS.

The brand launches with a comprehensive range of custom tuning options, piston kits and springs as well as custom tooling required for suspension forks and shocks, such as seal presses ranging from 32mm up to 40mm.

There will be new products coming in waves from the initial launch in November 2022 with some big new products expected in the summer of 2023.

James Williams, founder of J-Tech Suspension and WPS had this to say:

“This is an exciting time for us as a business. We’ve been tuning and making custom componentry for suspension since 1998, back then I was making custom piston kits for forks in my mum and dad’s shed on the family farm…

“We’ve come a long way since then and I’m excited for this next chapter. It’s been my aim for some time for J-Tech Suspension to transition from not just custom tuning and servicing, but to begin using all the knowledge we’ve gained over 20 plus years to make servicing and tuning equipment better. Not just for service centres, but for keen amateur mechanics as well.

“I’m excited for this next phase with WPS and can’t wait to see where it takes us.”

WPS Performance Spring Adapters & Spacers 35-38mm, 36-38mm, 38mm from £7.49

Performance Spring Extenders £13.99

Precision Seal Presses £29.99 (available in 32mm, 34mm, 35mm, 36mm, 38mm and 40mm)

Podium Piston Kit – Rockshox Super Deluxe Coil MY23 £139.99


And let’s finish with a quickie..

Scrub on Hope

Scrub Wheels are now offering Hope Pro 4 hubs as an option. In all the usual colours of the Barnoldswick rainbow.

Er. That’s it.

You may remember Scrub Wheels from their appearance in Fresh Goods Friday 593. Yes, that was back in March. Yes, I’ll have a review of the Scrub Alloy Trail wheelset up sometime soon.

Spoiler alert: they are good.


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  • NBD: Starling, Boardman, Magura, We Are One, Silca, WPS, Scrub
  • sanername
    Full Member

    All I hope is that Starling still do 142 back ends. I’ve been saving for a while and am nearly there.

    Full Member

    @sanername change your hub end caps?

    Full Member

    Yeah, changing rear hub width is usually simple. I’m still using my old 142 hubs in all my bikes

    Full Member

    Yep, even if you can’t get specific boost end caps for your hub a generic rear boost kit is about a tenner.

    Free Member

    haven’t Starling always said that whether its 142 or 148 spacing, your hubs should work, as the flex in the steel allows the rear end to bend to suit?! Just crank up the axle?! 😛

    Free Member

    Silca pumps… HOW MUCH!?! 😆

    Full Member

    You should see the price of their chain wax!

    Full Member

    That non-linear gauge has to be worth paying some extra for though…


    hmm, maybe not that much. 😁

    Full Member

    All I hope is that Starling still do 142 back ends. I’ve been saving for a while and am nearly there.

    i’m not sure that they ever did. the last thing i remember seeing on their website is that 142 works with spacers. i used the simple washer type while waiting for my fancy kit to arrive. they are fine. order your frame as soon as you can!

    and from the pictures it looks like the bearings are now in the swing arm held in place by a pinch bolt. easy home maintenance.

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