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Wheels. Are they the single most important component on your bike? Hmm… hard to say. A bicycle is a system after all. It needs things working together to function at all. But safe to say that wheels are almost certainly in the upper echelons of importance.

The well-worn cliche of investing in decent wheels still holds true. They may not be as overly exciting as something with loads of bells and whistles – suspension basically – but a decent wheelset will give back to you with every revolution.

In this video, Hannah and Benji chat about what they think is worth spending money on with wheels. They also talk about what really is not worth splashing the cash on.

Carbon versus aluminium? Wide versus trad? Proprietary spokes versus regular. Loud versus quiet freehubs? Well-sealed versus low-drag? Are fast engaging freehubs actually a bad idea? Is there still a place for a bespoke(!) wheel-build from a bike shop?

Hoops mon! Let’s chat…

Singletrack Unscripted - Talking ab...
Singletrack Video Archive: Singletrack Unscripted - Talking about wheels
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