MTBers! #LeaveAPositiveTrace on trails this August

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Today sees Trash Free Trails launch something called ‘Purposeful Adventures‘. Asking the question: what if our adventures actually contributed towards a positive impact on the places we ride?

The #LeaveAPositiveTrace activation is a response to something termed ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’; the effects of a disconnection from nature.

This ‘disconnection’ may be one of the key drivers of environmentally damaging behaviour not to mention mental health issues.

Some stats

Less than 20% of people display a sense of connection to nature.

More than 30% of adults are unaware of what the term ‘biodiversity’ means.

Less than 10% of children regularly play outdoors in green spaces.

Instances of littering on the UK’s parks, beaches, trails and wild places are rising.

Addressing behaviour such as littering and encouraging reconnection with the environment in early childhood is a big part of this new project.

Trash Free Trails believes that the side effects of disconnection from nature are that common mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression and mental disorder ADHD have risen by 13% globally in the past ten years.

Dom Ferris, Trash Free Trails activist and Managing Director: “Reconnecting with nature will help the community to realise their impact and responsibility for the great outdoors. We believe that beyond that there is also a gap for more research, which we’re trying to close with our State of Trails report and activations, like Purposeful Adventures.”

In order to “react and inspire the community to spend more time in nature” Trash Free Trails will share stories of adventures great and small, in an effort to inspire and encourage real world interaction.

Alongside an online campaign, local organisations are invited to become ‘Purposeful Adventure Friendly’. Bike shops, outdoor stores, village halls etc can receive flyers, posters and the Purposeful Adventure ‘loyalty card’.

Trash Free Trails doesn’t pretend to be able to know or do it all. So, as part of the campaign, Trash Free Trails will link to other organisations that they might feel aligned to, such as the Right to Roam Campaign and Surfers Against Sewage’ – Speak up for our Rivers campaign. That way, the impact of a Purposeful Adventure could go much further than anything TFT could do alone.

Some suggestions

A trailside bivvy and ten minute trail clean the next morning.

Volunteer for a trail-maintenance day.

Buy a book or download an app that helps you ID flowers and trees, or birdsong.

Plot a car free adventure.

Chat with people you meet on the trai.

Shop local.

Enquire about the local history.

Help a friend reach the next level in their chosen activity.

Donate some kit that you no longer use to a community group.

Maybe even volunteer some time with them too.

Try riding further than ever before.

Leave the GPS at home and pack a book and a stove.

That lovely spot you race past each ride? Stop there. Make a brew, slow down.

Learn about the history of your favourite trail.

Contribute to a campaign such as Right to Roam.

Nice to be nice

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  • MTBers! #LeaveAPositiveTrace on trails this August
  • pmurden
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    I think the power of this could be exponential as if MTBers for example are seen cleaning up other people’s mess then we’re instantly going to go up in the publics rankings, Then issues like land access etc. become less of an issue due to our awesome image. This is poorly written but I hope folk get the gist.

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