Fresh Goods Friday 607: Glance Mastering Edition

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The Tour Of The France begins today. But before you open up a browser tab to listen/watch the opening stage (which is probably a time trial in Denmark somewhere IIRC), you really need to take in the majesty that is Fresh Goods Friday.

Who’s going t’ cinemas to watch t’ new Elvis fillum then?

Madison Crypto Glasses

There is nothing in Ross’ left hand

Big coverage shades at a very fair price. Three lenses: one tinted lens for bright conditions, an amber lens for medium-light conditions and a clear lens for low-light conditions AKA 3-Season Great Britain. Along with a hard case for safe transportation and a soft case for lens protection on the move.

Frame is made from that there TR-90 plastic with ‘memory’; they flex and return to their original shape. Ross duly stoved his head into a bush during a weekend up in Scotchland recently to test this feature. It worked.

Vitus Sommet 29 VRS

The third (and final) bike we’ve received from Vitus in this past week or so. We brought you the deets on the new Vitus Escarpe in last week’s FGF, and earlier this week we were so taken with the stylish little XC cutie Vitus Rapide FS that we did a little First Look feature about it.

Anyhoo. The third way. This is the Vitus Sommet 29 and it’s an enduro bike so it is. Or maybe it isn’t. Enduro bikes have all gone bananas haven’t they. Essentially single-crown fork downhill bikes. This Sommet is a 170/162mm travel… mountain bike.

Carbon front. Alloy rear. Zebbed. 4-potted. Maxxised. Nukeproofed. Looks fun.

Lazer Jackal KinetiCore

What is Kineticore? “KinetiCore by Lazer is the world’s first responsibly designed and fully Integrated Rotational Impact Protection technology. Improved protection, lower weight, increased ventilation and reduced carbon footprint included as standard.”

Stay tuned to this here site (it’s in case you’re lost) on Monday as we’re going to be giving you the opportunity to win one of these helmets.

Newtown Park Master The Glance

The Tour Of France starts today. So… beer.

“A thirst-quenching pale featuring the exciting new French hop Barbe Rouge, from Alsace. A simple malt bill, with lots of wheat balances the light bitterness to let the hops shine through, expect ripe red fruit, strawberry and raspberry with a zesty citrusy aroma and a hint of pineapple. Allez Allez Allez!”

Vegan too.

Unbelievably, Benji was disappointed when he opened up this package. He thought it was tyre sealant.

Finish Line Pro Chain Cleaner & Speed Bicycle Chain Degreaser

  • Price: £24.99 chain cleaner, £?? degreaser
  • From: Freewheel

Deeply unglamourous. Deeply required on some/most of our bikes here.

Finish Line’s third generation version of this chain cleaner: exit angle has been changed from 90° to 47°, to reduce drips and spills, additional rows of scraper fins have been added for improved side-plate cleaning.

What’s the thing at the base? A large magnet has been added to attract and hold particles at the bottom of the chain cleaner.

Also, “new shop quality plastic prevents shattering when dropped.” Finish Line, you know us too well.

Finish Line FiberLink Tubeless Sealant

  • Price: £29.99 950ml, £9.99 240ml
  • From: Freewheel

Finally Benji gets his sealant!

New sealant from Finish Line. Latex formula combined with Kevlar fibres. Low viscosity. “Fast-acting” natural latex. “Optimum longevity between refresh cycles”. All we know is that it doesn’t smell horrible like so many other sealants out there.

WTB TCS Tubeless Tire Sealant

  • Price: £TBC
  • From: WTB

Honestly, you wait ages for a bus and then two come along at once.

More sealant. This time from WTB. “TCS Tubeless Tire Sealant uses a tackifying process to seal punctures rather than the evaporative effects of many ammonia-based formulas. As a result, our sealant performs better in wet, unforgiving conditions where other sealants have trouble clotting due to reduced evaporation. Synthetic latex reduces the risk of an allergic reaction for individuals with allergies to natural latex products.”

Another sealant that doesn’t smell too bad. Yes, we sniff sealant. It’s all part of the service.

Halo Ridge Line II 29 Wheels

Entry level mountain bike wheels from the ever-dependable Halo. 30mm internal width works with the size of tyres most of us like to ride around these days (2.35in-2.5in). Tubeless compatible rim profile. RL hubs use a four independently-sprung pawl drive, a cro-mo axle and freehub as well as sealed bearings. 100% hand built and supplied pre-taped.

Which is nice.

TuboLight EVO HD Insert

The insert that Amaury Pierron uses. Why is that significant? Mainly we’re mentioning it so we can watch this amazing Instagram reel from Pierron at Fort William…

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A post shared by Amaury Pierron (@amaurypierron4)

Tubolight’s idea is to put material over and outside of the rim bead. “The portion over the rim bead is increased by 30% to 60% depending on rim width, and together with a harder compound, rim hits are drastically reduced.”

TuboLight and Halo Tubeless Valves

Tubeless valves. They’re the new Pokemon. Or something.

TuboLight’s valves are (unsurprisingly) insert-friendly with four side-airflow ports for use with tyre inserts. Halo’s valves are more trad but do come supplied with three valve core removal tools – one that can be stored on each valve like a lockring and another larger one for your toolbox.

Thread of the Week

This week’s bestest post on t’ forums came from jekkyl

For a limited/unlimited time we’ve decided to award An Actual Prize to the TOTW. And it seems pretty obvious that it’s the item featured below (Forum Bottle Opener) that should be awarded. So, well done jekkyl. Email to claim your opener…

Singletrack Forum Bottle Opener

Opens bottles of beer and other drinks. Oversized hole to make hanging it up extra easy. 180mm length delivers industry leading beverage to leverage ratio. 2mm stainless steel. It’s a steel without stains! Subtle text reminding you why you are here.


Please give @singletrackmagazine a follow on Instagram.

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We put everything on Instagram these days. Even things that don’t quite make the front page of the website proper.

Tot ziens!

YouTube peaked in 2006

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  • Fresh Goods Friday 607: Glance Mastering Edition
  • kimbers
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    find someone that supports you through the rough times, like Amaury’s forks do

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    Pub prices for a small can of beer! Really!
    I really don’t buy into this “…. made by vegan virgins on the summer solstice with added secret ingredients from a thousand year old hidden forest and using witchcraft ….” just so you can charge ridiculous prices for a small can of beer.
    The craft beer industry now comes with added bullsh*t and a very strong whiff of Jilly Goolden & Oz Clarke.

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    Beer is the new gin. Stick to the traditional brewers, nicer beer for reasonable prices.

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    Jilly Goolden & Oz Clarke

    Mind the “age” gap!

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